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Re: Typos

Post by Reyne » Sun May 12, 2019 3:28 pm

l dragonsworn

This young man walks around with an upbeat cheer and confident stride.
Despite his tender age, he is a true believer that the Dragon will soon be
revealead. He is one of many who have left their homes and joined the
legions of Dragonsworn in the hopes of fighting for the Light and humanity
when the time for the Last Battle comes.

A youthful Dragonsworn is in excellent condition.
A youthful Dragonsworn is healthy.

Re: Typos

Post by Adael » Sat May 04, 2019 7:21 pm

* HP:Scratched MV:Full >
In the northwest corner of the vault one is standing on a yellow tile, in the southwest corner one
is standing on a blue tile, in the southeast corner one is standing on a red tile, in the northeast
corner near the valut entrace one is standing on a blue tile.

In Justice.

Re: Typos

Post by Yuna » Sat Apr 13, 2019 3:38 pm

Resting Chambers of the Sedai
A large lounge area has many small doors to small bedchambers. While
technically any bedchamber is available to any sister, certain rooms are
traditionally used by each ajah. A large couch and other furniture lie
here, where sisters occasionally congregate before bed.

A BIG SIGN is here.
A NEW NOTICE to READ is pinned to the wall.
[ obvious exits: W ]

look sign

Say "intructions please" for information on the new record-keeping system.

Say "please read contents" for a list of sub-topics.

Say "sitter chest" for info on the new Sitter office.

Say "records chest" for info on the new office to use for ANT records.

I believe this should be 'instructions'.

Re: Typos

Post by Reyne » Thu Apr 11, 2019 2:38 pm

Dunno if a typo necessarily but:

A well-traveled merchant whispers to you, 'Additionally, I have two sets of clothing currently for trade for the low price of five-hundred gold crowns.'

A well-traveled merchant whispers to you, 'I have a set of this here heavy armor, a set of light-weight clothing or a set of deflective clothing, it's your choice!'

The bolded 'two' should be 'three.'

Then also:

A well-traveled merchant says 'Whats it to be then, do you want the heavy armor or the light armor, Reyne?'
You say 'deflective armor'
A well-traveled merchant says 'The deflective clothing for parrying and striking! Good choice, Reyne.'

Whats should be What's, and I think he should say 'What's it to be then, do you want the heavy armor, light armor, or deflective armor, Reyne?

Re: Typos

Post by Rentris » Tue Apr 02, 2019 8:13 am

Jorran Burdal's room in Eagle Manor

The Strategy Room
Maps of all sorts and sized are stacked in high piles in this room, which
is in dire need of cleaning, with cobwebs hanging from the ceiling beams.
The only parts of the room not coated in dust are an area surrounding a
desk and the path leading to the door. A white flag with a large red eagle
hangs across the back wall. A table stands to the , on the polished wood
lies an abandoned sheet of paper bearing the name of Razzor.

[ obvious exits: W ]

Re: Typos

Post by Aust » Fri Mar 22, 2019 1:42 pm

* R HP:Healthy MV:Full >
Stables of the Golden Wheel Inn
The heady scent of fresh cut hay fills the air of this simple wooden
stables. Although plain, it serves it's purpose well and the stable workers
are vigilant in their upkeep of the horses' care. A door leads west into
the inn and a rider can exit the stables to the north entering an alley.
[ obvious exits: N W ]
Door west: dutchdoor
An iron lantern hangs from the wall above the gate.
A Tairen bloodstock stallion stands here, tail swaying with the breeze, being ridden by you.
A black cat meanders to an unknown destination.
A man walks among the horses here feeding them and rubbing them down.
A placid red roan steed is here, caparisoned with the banner of a golden fist.
A placid red roan steed is here, caparisoned with the banner of a golden fist.
A placid red roan steed is here, caparisoned with the banner of a golden fist.
A placid red roan steed is here, caparisoned with the banner of a golden fist.
A placid red roan steed is here, caparisoned with the banner of a golden fist.

* R HP:Healthy MV:Fresh >
l roan
A tall roan steed with a red-tined mane stands here, surveying its
surroundings with a calm demeanor. Its deep chest and long, muscular legs
indicate that it is a strong, hardy animal. It wears a silver-lined banner
displaying a golden fist, the sigil of Far Madding.

A red roan steed is in excellent condition.


Should be "...with a red-tinted mane..."

Re: Typos

Post by Ara » Fri Mar 22, 2019 11:42 am

A Muddy Dirt Street
Amidst the rows of houses on both sides of the street, a small shop with a
wooden sign depicting a weaver's loom stands out to the north. Its door is
wide open, the only one amidst rows of closed doors. The grey inner city
walls, ten spans high, rise above the houses to the south, and defenders
patrol the wall at regular intervals. Beyond that the Stone of Tear, easily
the largest structure in the city, utterly dominates the skyline.
[ obvious exits: N E W ]
Door east: rainbowdoor
North: A shopkeeper stands here, restocking a few empty bins and shelves.
West: A well-dressed noble of Tear ambles casually in no hurry.
A warhorse is here, stamping his feet impatiently, being ridden by you.
A Defender of the Stone maintains peace in the city.
A bare-footed, bare-chested man observes you coolly.
A donkey wearing a patchwork blanket stands here.
A donkey wearing a patchwork blanket stands here.

* R HP:Healthy MV:Fresh >
exa donkey
This donkey is hardier than it seems at first glance. It has a rough gray
coat complemented by thin tail. Its long ears allow it to listen to sounds
coming from any direction. If it is not in a stubborn mood, it may even
listen to its rider. listen to its rider and obey their commands.

A donkey wearing a patchwork blanket is in excellent condition.

You attempt to peek at the inventory:
You can't see anything.

Re: Typos

Post by Elyse » Tue Feb 26, 2019 4:46 pm

Surtain's new bar in Tear:


Surtain to Get Drunk
The newest establishment in Tear, this bar evokes friendliness and
cleanliness. Made of dark wood and leather, and with bread always in the
oven, this is comfort made into a bar as the warmth of the fireplace keeps
the cold at bay. As a home away from home, this spot is a popular
destination for locals and foreigners alike.

A sign neatly hangs above the counter and a plaque is fastened to a nearby
[ obvious exits: N ]
A mug has been left here.
A large stone fireplace is set into the wall.
A long wooden table offers room for patrons.
An inviting black velvet armchair. [3]
A Tairen bloodstock stallion stands here, tail swaying with the breeze.
Andera of Murandy is standing here.
A Valon guardsman is on duty here.
Surtain the Legendary Barkeep is resting here on an inviting black velvet armchair.
Meia din Suthon stands here, eyeing your purse.
A merchant guard eyes you warily, intent on keeping order.
A merchant guard eyes you warily, intent on keeping order.
A bartender serves customers with a greedy smile.
A cat is here, resting lazily.

* S HP:Healthy SP:Bursting MV:Fresh >
look cat
Small and adorable, this black cat is one of the cutest animals ever.
However, she is extremely deadly as she keeps the bar free of mice and rat.
A small silvery necklace around its neck reads 'Rikki'.


should be "rats."

Also, any chance the armchairs can have a proper description, perhaps: "An inviting black velvet armchair rests here."?

Re: Typos

Post by Reyne » Sun Feb 17, 2019 2:00 am

When leaving Zamora:

Reyne wades into the water and disappears into the darkness.
Holding onto the drifwood, you begin to swim towards the opening.

Re: Typos

Post by Razhak » Mon Feb 11, 2019 5:38 pm

Smelting iron ore at the shadow smith

The shadowsmith takes the ore from a wodden barrel and turns to the furnace.

o HP:Hurt DP:Fading MV:Tiring >
Waves of blistering heat radiate from the furnace's depths and sear your flesh.

o HP:Hurt DP:Fading MV:Tiring >
Slowly the iron ore inside the furnace begins to melt.
A shrill piercing scream reverberates through the area.

o HP:Hurt DP:Fading MV:Tiring >
The shadowsmith smith plunges tongs into the furnace and removes an iron bar, dropping it on the ground.