New Set of lessons Part 2

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Re: New Set of lessons Part 2

Post by Reyne » Mon Jan 14, 2019 2:37 pm

Very nice!

New Set of lessons Part 2

Post by Leria » Thu Jan 10, 2019 9:07 am

A Cluttered Apartment
A large collection of incredibly diverse objects line the walls and ceiling of the room. A bookshelf in the corner holds what appears to be years of journals and random items. Books have stacked up in several places in the corners of the room. Suspended from the ceiling is a small silver cage. An owl perched within appears stuffed, until it blinks once, slowly. A small door is half-concealed by a pile of ribbon-bound scrolls in the eastern wall.
The apartmentdoor is opened from the other side.

Maura entered with a stack of letters and parchments and set them on the desk where Leria was reading from her journal and jotting down some errant notes for her new apprentice.

Maura says “Not to disrupt you, but this one on top is from the Warder.”

The Warder, yes Maura wasn’t certain how she felt about him yet and wouldn’t use his name. The Sedai’s companion had a few quirks, but this one was one of the odd ones that made Leria smile.

“Well, I wonder what he has to say.” The quill pen was set against her page so that her place wouldn’t be lost again. Rising to her feet she strode to the window and broke the seal. -I hope this missive finds you well, Sedai- It began as she smirked a bit at his rather neat handwriting for a Gaidin. It was the first time she had received a letter from one of the Warders. She glanced out the window and could barely make out the edge of the Practice yard.

Icy blues eyes narrowed as her fingers clung to the sheet in her hands. “Speak with Harryl…” she muttered as she forced herself to slow her breathing, “Rikkus said your weakness is…” She barely made out a half cough and laugh “Without my presence.” The letter was tucked into her purse as she made her way to the door, grabbing her staff. She was Aes Sedai, and perhaps he should be reminded of that.

Maura called behind her, “Was it something Aradan said my lady?” The old woman chuckled and sat down in the chair near the window to listen from above. The Sedai Maura had grown to love over the years could still be as fool headed as those of her homeland- as much as she hated to admit it. This Aradan fellow had a good head about him Maura decided, good stock too. The Elder Gaidin might just finally knock some sense into Leria.

The Warders Practice Yard

The Warders yard was busy, a few new Warders had earned their cloaks, and the pale destriers seemed to gather along the wall. One tall Warder, with a bit of gray showing in his hair caught her eye as she arrived. He Shared a joke with the Master of Arms and slipped into the Office to the west.

“Master Coulin, if you wouldn’t mind… I need to speak with” She was cut off as he put his arm up and slowed her down. Leria stepped around him and banged against the door, “Aradan! Get out here you wool-headed…” The door opened and Aradan stepped out, a hint of a smile on his features. His frame was taller than hers, and he bore himself with an almost royal demeanor despite his age. Leria Sedai took the note from her purse and haughtily demanded,” Is this because that fade tried to charge me on that last trip north?”

“Oh good, I am glad you got my message.”

“What do you mean by this?”

“You are a Brown, didn’t you read it? I meant what I wrote. That would be the point of writing it, is it not?”

He smiled then, a glimmer of mischief in his eyes that she was too irritated to catch. “I’ll take that as well” He stated matter-of- factly, as the staff and shield were plucked from her hands. “Here, I have a gift. You may have to work in the yard with some of the apprentices to get the hang of it.” Aradan handed her an obsidian encrusted sungwood staff. Something she had been working on for the last few weeks to have made herself.

For a moment she was speechless. “Thank you” was the simple phrase she could utter. Icy blue eyes seemed to melt for a moment, but she woke up and lifted the letter at him once more. “This was serious then? I had hoped this was a farce.”

Aishling entered the yard behind her and smiled as she approached. “Tell him Sister, I have greatly improved in my techniques of battle.” The letter was thrust towards Aishling for her to read. After a moment she nodded. “ There is nothing there that I disagree with Sister.” The Brown Sedai’s shoulders drew back as she straightened to face her warder once more.

“Oh no, no farce. My job is to protect you and I shall. The best way to do that is to follow the directions in that letter. I take my duty as serious as you do yours Sedai.” With a light chuckle, he made to pat her on the shoulder, but she brushed his arm aside. “Lessons begin tomorrow after sunrise. We have some things to work on.” Aradan nodded to Aishling and Coulin and returned to the Warder’s office without another word.

“You were supposed to help me.” Leria said with a roll of her eyes. “Men, bah.” She muttered as she headed back to her rooms, trying not to admire the new staff in her hands. The globe shining in the light of the sunset over the wall capturing her attention. If nothing else, a new object to study.

“I am Sister, and so is he. You will see.” Aishling laughed as she turned to speak with Coulin herself.