Memorials of the Wheel

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Re: Memorials of the Wheel

by Caelophlyn » Fri Feb 01, 2019 7:13 pm

Reading these brought tears to my eyes. So many players we have lost.. I was very close with Adaire, Mushu and Seeras. Think of them often and will never stop missing them.

Re: Memorials of the Wheel

by Khahliana » Fri Feb 01, 2019 12:13 pm

There is another one for Ciel also:

1w TVCS:
l statue
Silver polished to a liquid gleam forms the shape of a regal woman,
standing tall and proud with her head tilted upwards and her shoulders held
straight and strong. The expression on her face is that of pride and honor,
a queen could not have held herself with more majesty than the figure of
this woman. The shawl draped over her shoulders is studded with thousands
of sparkling sapphires that glitter in the light like blue lightning.

Cupped in her upturned silver palm is an eternally burning flame that casts
shadows of itself on the polished silver of her dress and causes the
sapphires of her shawl to burn with its flame. The flowing script on the
base of the statue reads: In memory of Ciel Sedai, the eternal Flame of the
Light and Tar Valon.

I have also found one in the Red Ajah apartments for Quarallain Kelsn. No one I have talked to in the past seemed to have heard of her. The room is A Small Apartment in the Red Ajah wing, 4w 2n e n e n u w from the staircase.

l vase
The flowers are arranged meticulously to create a spiral of complementary
colors. There is an inscription on the vase in Old Tongue written in
stylized, scrolling script.

l script
Looking more carefully, in very fine, faint print hidden among the
geometric patterns is a translation of the Old Tongue. It reads "Dedicated
to the Memory of Quarallain Kelsn. One of the greatest peacemakers of our

Re: Memorials of the Wheel

by Surtain » Thu Jan 31, 2019 10:18 pm

Also in Mayene, which should be clear.

At the End of a Long Dock
The long ill-kept dock ends here, and a small ship with large sails is
docked at the end. The boat heaves in the turbulent waves of the Sea of
Storms. To the south many ships dart around the busy seaport, and the
violent sea stretches out to the horizon. A weatherbeaten sign has been
attached to a post, its nails rusty from the salty air.
[ obvious exits: N ]
A Tairen bloodstock stallion stands here, tail swaying with the breeze, being ridden by you.
A dapple gray courser with a finely brushed coat dances from spot to spot, being ridden by Raya.
Raya Setaravni the Senior Wisdom is standing here, riding a dappled gray courser.
The fishmonger is here, hoping to buy your catch.
The apprentice has arrived from the north.

* R HP:Scratched MV:Full > l sign
If you wish to light a candle for someone who has departed this life,
simply take one from the basket and then 'light candle'.

* R HP:Scratched MV:Full > light candle

* R HP:Scratched MV:Full >
You touch your candle to the one already burning, and the flame flares brightly.

* R HP:Scratched MV:Full >
As the wax drips down, you pick up one of the little wooden boats and place the candle inside.

* R HP:Scratched MV:Full >
Raya whispers to you, 'just 'light candle''

* R HP:Scratched MV:Full >
Thinking of those who have been respun on the Wheel, you reach down to set the boat on the water.

* R HP:Scratched MV:Full >
Raya sits down and rests.

* R HP:Scratched MV:Full >
A little boat carrying a lighted candle drifts away from Surtain's hand, the flame's reflection flickering in the water.

* R HP:Scratched MV:Fresh >
Tiny lights can be seen all across the harbour as Mayene honors her dead.

Re: Memorials of the Wheel

by Naomi » Sun Dec 30, 2018 1:23 am

These have been there since Mayene was implemented waaaaay back when.

Not sure if I ever found out from Dyvim or any Immortal what they were referencing.

Re: Memorials of the Wheel

by Surtain » Sat Dec 29, 2018 8:11 pm

Friend I were discussing a couple places in Mayene and so far haven't found anyone who knows why they exist. If anyone knows, feel free to post.

Village north of Mayene:
* HP:Healthy MV:Tiring > An Elaborately Decorated Home
Gilded and ornate lamps and handles dominate the house. Perhaps not very
tasteful but the occupant seems to take pride in his decorations. Hung on
the eastern wall is a portrait of a beautiful young woman in a gold-plated
frame. A black candle has been placed just beneath the portrait.
[ obvious exits: S ]

* HP:Healthy MV:Tiring > l portrait
There is an engraved plaque at the bottom of the portrait.

* HP:Healthy MV:Tiring > l plaque
"Rest in peace, my wife."

* HP:Healthy MV:Tiring > sniff
You sniff sadly. *SNIFF*

Pond inside Mayene:
* R HP:Healthy MV:Strong > A Serene Park
Neatly-clipped grass makes a sea of rolling green through this small park.
Tall leatherleaf trees mix with oaks, their limbs twined together like a
lover's embrace to provide privacy and shade. A pond glitters in the midst
of the grass where a weeping willow gracefully trails its branches across
the water. Flowers grow in an abundance of perfume and color like an
artist's palette gone wild.
[ obvious exits: S ]
A clear pond lies undisturbed here, unmarred waters offering a clean reflection.
A gray palfrey prances skittishly nearby, being ridden by you.
An Illuminator's assistant stands here carrying some colored tubes.

* R HP:Healthy MV:Strong >
Willow leaves fall to the surface of the pond, like tears.

* R HP:Healthy MV:Strong > l tree

* R HP:Healthy MV:Strong >
The bark on the tree is splintering off in thin, delicate shavings.

* R HP:Healthy MV:Strong >
The poor, sad willow...

* R HP:Healthy MV:Strong > l plaque
The plaque is mellow with age and the lettering, once deeply engraved, is
now only a whisper of what it once was. It says 'Love is Eternal, Your
Heart is my Home.'

* R HP:Healthy MV:Strong > l flowers
A true riot of color, each flowerbed is filled with blossoms chosen for
their rich hues and heady perfumes.

Re: Memorials of the Wheel

by Surtain » Sat Aug 25, 2018 8:04 pm

Lack of editing because I haven't registered and don't care to :-P

To clarify, that room used to be in one of the zones that was removed. it is now south of Amador.

Re: Memorials of the Wheel

by Elysia » Sat Aug 25, 2018 8:01 pm

Adael wrote:just moved

Re: Memorials of the Wheel

by Adael » Sat Aug 25, 2018 7:58 pm

Not removed, just moved if I’m not mistaken.

Re: Memorials of the Wheel

by Surtain » Sat Aug 25, 2018 7:57 pm

Found more, same spot:

* HP:Healthy MV:Fresh > l in aged

* HP:Healthy MV:Fresh >
A plaque on the aged platform is engraved to read
| One Heart, One Mind, One Vision |
| Exodio Hinane |
| Beloved Husband, Father, |
| Brother, Friend |
| The Creator Welcome You Home |

* HP:Healthy MV:Fresh > l in newer

* HP:Healthy MV:Fresh >
A plaque on the newer platform is engraved to read
| One Heart, One Mind, One Vision |

* HP:Healthy MV:Fresh >
| Ewiene Ellis'era |
| Sleep, Sister. |
| Sleep, and Dream in Peace. |

Re: Memorials of the Wheel

by Surtain » Sat Aug 25, 2018 7:55 pm

This was in the area between Amador and Illian that got removed:

Inside the Tomb
Carefully planned granite flecked with minerals makes the floor of this cold
tomb, the same granite used to make matching platforms that wait to serve
as a final resting place for those gone to the Creator. The tomb has been
recently tended, and there are fresh flowers set before one empty platform.
Candles set in sconces wash the room with a soft glow, and the banner of
the Children of the Light hangs proudly on the far wall. A white pillar
candle stands to the right of the banner, a plaque on the wall beside it.
The floor is set with a sunburst mosaic between the aged tombs and the new.
By the newest is a stone statue in the form of a lute.
[ obvious exits: E ]
An ornate gold and white coffin draped in silk rests here.
A newer granite platform gleams in the light.
An aged platform of granite holds a coffin.

* HP:Scratched MV:Full > l in coffin
coffin (here) :
a long-stemmed crimson rose
a long-stemmed crimson rose
the remains of Child Ewiene Ellis'era lay here, as if sleeping

* HP:Scratched MV:Full > close coffin

* HP:Scratched MV:Full > l plaque
A fresh white candle smells lightly of beeswax. Next to it is a plaque that
reads, 'In memory of our Brother and Friend, Mushu. Ride safely into the
night, herald the dawn, and bring the Light wherever you are.'

* HP:Scratched MV:Full > l pillar
A fresh white candle smells lightly of beeswax. Next to it is a plaque that
reads, 'In memory of our Brother and Friend, Mushu. Ride safely into the
night, herald the dawn, and bring the Light wherever you are.'

* HP:Scratched MV:Full > l statue
Beautifully wrought in stone by a master mason is a lute so fine that the
strings could almost be plucked. An inscription upon the base reads: "In
memory of our Brother, Seeras. There are no words, only the song left
behind in our hearts to guide us. Sleep well, Brother."