The Tale of the Missing Brown, part 1

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Re: The Tale of the Missing Brown, part 1

by Reyne » Fri Nov 09, 2018 12:45 pm

Am also looking foward to more :D

Re: The Tale of the Missing Brown, part 1

by Erulisse » Mon Nov 05, 2018 7:55 pm

Love it, cant wait to hear more!

Re: The Tale of the Missing Brown, part 1 and 2

by Callesa » Fri Nov 02, 2018 4:58 pm

Part 2:
A Library with Barred Windows
Six bookshelves line the walls of the small room. The gaps between them show
just plain gray stone. A crude yet clean bed stands in one corner, while a desk
covered with layers of parchment stands in another one. There is very little
space left. The bars in the windows and the strong door without a handle reveal
the primary function of the room.
[ obvious exits: S ]
Callesa sits here, on an uncomfortable chair, reading.
A candle is standing on the desk.

Suddenly, a door opens. The guard enters quietly, careful not to let the door trap him inside.

The guard looks almost ashamed, as he asks for help. "Aes Sedai, please help me. My daughter...".

Callesa beckons the man sit on the bed, as there is no other option in this room. He hesitates, not wishing to either let the door close or give her an opportunity to escape. "I will not try to escape you tonight. And you know I cannot lie. What's your name?

The guard puts his helmet in the door, so that it doesn't shut. "Medyr, my lady. I'm afraid my daughter could channel." By the end of the sentence, tears start pouring out of his eyes uncontrollably.

Callesa frowns but tries to comfort Medyr: "Tell me what happens to your daughter. And don't be afraid. The White Tower can help, if this is really the case, I don't think my presence in this cell would keep your lady from calling them."

Medyr's face turns white. "No, she must not find out! Don't tell her! She would sell Aertha just like the previous girls. And the younger one hadn't even channeled yet!"

Callesa feels like vomiting. She doesn't understand completely, but every part of her brain has just gone to full alert now and her heart beated faster and painfully for a short moment. This whole event could turn to even worse, if Gevarha worked for the Seanchan. But those would not pay. And they wouldn't let herself alone. Something is really wrong. And perhaps this thing could be an opportunity to get out.

Callesa says: "Tell me everything."
Gevarha had various sources of income, which were paying for all expensive things she loved a lot. Many of them illegal. Medyr was sure she was employing at one pirate captain, several brigand leaders, and two or three highly skilled burglars. And her customers tended to be very rich and important people. Of course, she was also running several normal businesses, to keep appearances.

Her real passion was the One Power. Callesa was not the first prisoner here. The corpses of two sul'dam and one old villager were buried in the garden. Crates filled with more or less beautiful items were shipped to the mansion several times a year. Gevarha paid handsomely for what she considered good art. And she paid even more for items that weren't as nice but obviously had a different value for her.

A few years ago, an Aes Sedai visited the town. Lady Gevarha was absent, but later was informed about the great news. The butcher's daughter was to be sent to Tar Valon very soon! She even invited the girl and her parents to visit the mansion. A few days later, she disappeared. People thought she had just been sent to the White Tower already. Nobody connected her too fast goodbyes with a handsome guest of lady Guevirha's.

Not that long after that, another girl was returned home from the White Tower. She hadn't become an Aes Sedai, but she was safe to be around. And her family was so happy to have her back! And with a full pouch of tar valon marks. Curiously, the girl couldn't remember any new novice from her home town. The butcher and his wife were worried at first, but then they decided to belief she just hadn't noticed their darling among all those people in the huge city.

It was a strange coincidence the same stranger was invited by lady Gevirha at that time. And even stranger was both the girl and the man disappearing the same night. Medyr was guarding the door to the the lady's office and let him in with a rather large wooden box. He left without it, a cold smile on his face instead.

And just yesterday, Aertha accidentally set her mums dress on fire in anger. Without any tool. Medyr had seen lot during his service to know what was happening.

Callesa says: "It is probable your daughter is a Wilder indeed. A Wilder is a woman with the gift, who starts channeling without being taught. And it is very dangerous for everyone, and for her the most. Even without Gevirha's friend around here. Get me out of here and let us leave for Tar Valon immediately."

Medyr nods. "That's what I hoped for. Could you just make one of those holes in the air and immediately get my girl out of here? Gevirha is able to send guards to follow her."

Callesa frowns: "Not with this thing on me. Don't you think I would already be out of here, if i could?"

Medyr shrugs his shoulders. "So, I'll tell the blacksmith to take it off, he is a good friend."

The Aes Sedai shakes her head. "No one but a channeler can take this off. Or perhaps..." She smiled lightly, for the first time in months. "Do you know, where does Gevirha keep her most treasured possessions? Those things she pays fortune for? There could be a tool I could use to open it." The hope that the metal lizard Well could still hold a bit of Saidar sufficient for the task was stronger than all the obstacles.

Medyr shook his head. "We won't get to the bedroom. Not without being caught. And not without waking her up."

Callesa says: "Well, then your daughter will just have to learn faster than others. I can' wait to meet her!"

The Tale of the Missing Brown, part 1

by Callesa » Fri Nov 02, 2018 10:51 am

A Library with Barred Windows
Six bookshelves line the walls of the small room. The gaps between them show
just plain gray stone. A crude yet clean bed stands in one corner, while a desk
covered with layers of parchment stands in another one. There is very little
space left. The bars in the windows and the strong door without a handle reveal
the primary function of the room.
[ obvious exits: S ]
Callesa al'Riean is standing here in a worn gray dress, barefoot. The only jewel she's wearing is a thick golden circle above her left ankle. It is hard to tell, whether it is supposed to be a foot bracelet or a part of shackles.

The door suddenly opens and a guard walks in.

The guard says: "Our lady wants to see you. Your hands."

Callesa obediently offers her hands to the cuendillar cuffs. She is so week she'd struggle to tear even a thread of wool, yet the owner of this place likes to show off.

A servant walks into the room and starts inspecting her notes.

Callesa and her guard leave the room.
A Private Sitting Room
The luxury pours of every inch of this room. Any piece of art around here
could proudly stand in a throne room. The comfortable armchairs around
a small table invite to relax. A big fireplace warms the room.
[ obvious exits: N,E ]
An armchair covered with green velvet stands here (2)
A small table stands here.
A wooden stool stands here.
Gevarha Velandi is here, sitting in an armchair.

Callesa enters the room.

Gevarha says: "sit down, child" with a spiteful grin.

Callesa doesn't respond.

Gevarha moves her hand slightly and Callesa's head starts hurting. The pain stops, as she sits on the stool.

Gevarha smiles and observes Callesa while playing with the Serpent Ring on her right hand.

Callesa doesn't speak and her ageless face remains calm. She needs to focus intensely on not shaking.

After a short moment, a servant comes in the room and hands several pieces of parchement to Gevarha before leaving.

Gevarha reads the notes quickly. "This is all you've come up with since the last meeting? I'm starting to regret I didn't kill you immediately back in Tear. You've been abusing my hospitality for seven months and that's it?!"

Callesa responds: "My search had been slow even before our first meeting, lady Gevarha. All my leads had taken me years to discover. It is even harder now that I am getting only second hand reports from the search sites and just preselected written sources."

Gevarha takes an angreal out of a pocket and embraces Saidar. "You'll teach me to Locate Object today. That will help me speed the search up."

Callesa shakes her head: "I couldn't even if I wanted. You are not ready for such a complex weave, novice Gevarha."

Anger twists Gevarha's features and Callesa feels the headache again. "I haven't been a novice for sixty years. I have learnt more than you Servants of All could ever imagine! Serve me!". She takes a Well from another pocket and throws it on Callesa. With a thin strand of Earth, she unlocked the cuendillar handcuffs.

The pain stopped. Callesa held the metal lizard in her palm and embraced Saidar. It felt heavenly, despite the amount of One Power available to her being so tiny. The lesson started.