FIXED: Jafar to Tear Seanchan Boat

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FIXED: Jafar to Tear Seanchan Boat

Postby Xin » Wed Mar 21, 2018 8:17 am

Can't seem to get it to work. Didn't work while I was unclanned, didn't work at rank 1, thought maybe at rank 3 it would but still no. Do you need to be a particular rank or is this a bug?

On the Pier at Isle Jafar
[ obvious exits: S ]
A warhorse is here, stamping his feet impatiently, being ridden by you.

* R HP:Healthy MV:Full > l sign
Passage to the Outpost for Seanchan only!
All others will be refused.

Departures daily at 9:00 am and 9:00 pm sharp.
Ask the captain if you please come aboard.

* R HP:Healthy MV:Full >
A deeply tanned sea captain arrives from his ship, ready to take passengers.

* R HP:Healthy MV:Fresh > sa may i please come aboard
You say 'may i please come aboard'

* R HP:Healthy MV:Fresh > Players
Xin of Two Rivers
Bramhall of Shienar
Sirano of Two Rivers
Hasp the Hundredman [Child of Light Council]
Hazel Miskerza, A'vro an Tsorovan
Granuaile of Murandy
Iden Versio {Lancer Applicant} (Idle)
Iona the Tower Accepted [White Tower]
Rentris Sa'Ran (Linkless) (Idle)
Chad of Arafel

10 players displayed.

* R HP:Healthy MV:Fresh >
A deeply tanned sea captain frowns.
A deeply tanned sea captain says 'Only soldiers or those who have proved themselves valiant are permitted to join the Corenne.'

* R HP:Healthy MV:Fresh > sc
You have 384(384) hit and 153(153) movement points.
You have scored 104129358 experience points and 61 quest points.
You need 4370642 exp to level and 14 qp to rank.
You have amassed 68 Turn points to date.
You have played 5 days and 14 hours (real time).
This ranks you as Xin the Sergeant [Imperial Army 3] (Level 50).
You are standing.

* R HP:Healthy MV:Fresh >

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Re: FIXED: Jafar to Tear Seanchan Boat

Postby Elysia » Wed Mar 21, 2018 9:23 pm

Just a mob that got overlooked in the change. Note, I haven't changed it so it will also take sworn, so it's Seanchan clanned only atm.

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