Lanky Trolloc

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Lanky Trolloc

Postby Razhak » Tue May 08, 2018 6:03 pm

isnt working like the announcement post says: it cannot be order to wear/wield eq. You still need to equip/remove items. You also cannot order it to drop/pick up stuff.

It also does all these weirdo emote at random making it look like a trolloc version of Nynaeve:

A lanky trolloc puts his hands on his hips.
A lanky trolloc wraps his cloak around him.
A lanky trolloc shades his eyes and looks ahead.
A lanky trolloc tilts his head.
A lanky trolloc yawns lazily.
A lanky trolloc peers at the ground.
A lanky trolloc takes a swig from his flagon.
A lanky trolloc peers at the shadows.

Not sure if those are intended?

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