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Re: Typos

Posted: Mon Sep 24, 2018 10:04 pm
by Reyne
Brionne shows an apple to a gray palfrey.
A gray palfrey nuzzles at the apple, taking it from the hand of Brionne.
A gray palfrey cruches the crisp apple, eating contentedly.

Re: Typos

Posted: Tue Oct 23, 2018 9:06 pm
by damena
Swordbrother mob

* HP:Healthy MV:Tiring > l swordbrother
]Large and broad shouldered, this man has a barrel chest and arms the size
of small trees. A true Domani man, with jet black hair and piercing green
eyes. Scars range all across his hands and face. A small scar runs from
just behind his left ear down the line of his jaw. This man has seen his
share of battles. He moves in alarming fluidity like a large predator.

Re: Typos

Posted: Wed Nov 07, 2018 10:31 am
by sevas
A tall soldier is busy serving the interests of the Empress. She is
hardened by battle. Her face bears the scars and a black and blue bruise
covers her lower jaw. She is dressed in simple armor and sports the pelt of
some fierce cat around the edge of her dark grey cape. His movement is
fluid and her frame solid.

Re: Typos

Posted: Thu Nov 08, 2018 6:00 pm
by Enok
1n allw rotten.

Overlooking the Stables
This small hill is overlooking some stables below. They looks old and
deserted and there is no telling for how long they have stood there. The
ground looks as dead as in any other part of the Blight. Dry sticks, the
only leftovers of some dead tree, are lying all around, ready to snap the
minute anything steps on them. The dried leaves makes it just as hard to
sneak around here as the sticks do, and who can tell what lies beneath them.
[ obvious exits: N E ]
A sickly, skinny deer stands here in a daze.
A small stick is lying on the ground here.

Edit: I poked around the zone and there are quite a few typos in that zone (north of the path leading up to the ruined keep). There's also an instance of a copied room description (intentional?). Anyway, the zone deserves some love and attention.

Re: Typos

Posted: Sun Dec 09, 2018 11:24 pm
by Reyne
Illiara Maender

Short, and extremely thin, Illiara is petite, yet she has an incredibely
beautiful face, despite a few faded scars on her cheeks. Her high
cheekbones accent her delicate features, and she looks as though she would
shatter in an instant. Her accent marks her an Illianer, from city and
country. She looks to be trading various goods, and her keen eye and mind
are certainly alert.

Found her just outside 'Inside a Dark Cavern' East of Cairhien, I think she wanders around though.

Re: Typos

Posted: Mon Dec 10, 2018 6:38 am
by Yuna
Someone gets An intricately carved black key from a soft leather pouch.

Someone tries to crush A skinny elf slave, but he deflects the blow.

Should be 'an intricately carved black key' and 'a skinny elf'.

Re: Typos

Posted: Mon Dec 24, 2018 9:07 am
by Atienne
mob: displacer beast

This creature would look a lot like a jet-black panther,
except for the bizaare tentacles which stretch over 8 feet long,
which sprout from the beast's flanks. Queer sunction cups line the
length of the tentacles, enabling this creature to squeeze its prey
to a painful death.

Some typos and one part sounds a little clumsy (two uses of which in a row with the comma)

Re: Typos

Posted: Thu Jan 10, 2019 1:33 am
by Reyne
A waterlogged Accepted (she wanders the Tower)

Water drips in great, swollen rivulets from the hem of the Accepted's
dress, the sodden cloth sticking damply to her legs. Her face is pinched
and sharp, bright eyes glimmering above her pointed nose. Her hair is tied
back with a simple length of brown ribbon, a small pendant on a leather
thing nestling between her breasts. Her slender waist is cinched with a
belt of embroidered leather in which a pair of leather gloves is tucked.

Should be 'a leather thong' I think? Is a leather cord?

Re: Typos

Posted: Thu Jan 17, 2019 12:27 am
by Lelisaei
Got a couple of them here:

A forgetful traveler stands here examing the area.
Should be examining.

South End of the Huge Chamber
As you move about this massive cavernous chamber, you see a large stone slab
nearby, some dark substance having stained most of its surface. A narrow
stone stair rises up from the chamber wall, encircling this caverns huge
two hundred foot or more diameter as it rises to a small shelf barely visible
halfway up the walls that rise perhaps as much as twenty spans. Around the
chamber cirumferance torches have been carefully spaced, filling the chamber
with a dim red glow.
[ obvious exits: N U ]
Should be chamber's circumference.

Re: Typos

Posted: Thu Jan 17, 2019 4:56 am
by Itesh
Just as a reminder, guys, we really need people to post what zone or area these are in.