FIXED: A bloodied trolloc speaks.

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FIXED: A bloodied trolloc speaks.

Postby Paj » Sat Jun 30, 2018 9:10 pm

S HP:Scratched SP:Strong MV:Tiring - a bloodied trolloc: Healthy > look bloodied
A tall trolloc stoops near the bloodied remains of a recent kill. A large
bull head with short horns is almost completely covered in dark blood, much
of it still fresh. What appears to be a human leg can be seen sticking out
of a sack, carried across the trollocs back.

A bloodied trolloc is in excellent condition.

a bloodied trolloc is using:
<worn on head> a leather helmet
<worn on body> a thin mail shirt
<worn on hands> a pair of leather half-gauntlets
<wielded> a long-handled war axe
<worn on legs> a pair of thin metal leggings
<worn on feet> a pair of heavy leather boots

HP:Scratched SP:Strong MV:Tiring > Dark Cave
[ obvious exits: E ]
East: A beaked trolloc is here, scouting, surrounded by a dark aura.
A large predator attempts to hide in the shadows.
A large trolloc, covered in blood, stoops near a fresh kill.

A hideous abomination hits your right arm very hard.
A bloodied trolloc says 'You Paj!!! You will die before your time!! '
A bloodied trolloc cleaves your head very hard.
A bloodied trolloc tries to cleave you, but you dodge the attack.
A hideous abomination hits your body into bloody fragments!
Your heartbeat calms down more as you feel less panicked.


the death scalp of a bloodied trolloc slain in the Plain of Lances

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