FIXED: Cairhien horse trader doesn't respond to man.

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FIXED: Cairhien horse trader doesn't respond to man.

Postby mezo » Thu Jul 26, 2018 5:07 pm

tried man, human, light, horse. Finally got trader to work. At least man should be added?

A man stands here ready to make you a deal on a horse.

R HP:Healthy MV:Winded > look trader
Sharp, shifty eyes keep watch on the room to make sure no wrongdoing is
going on. Obviously the shopkeeper must be paying the man to give some
safety to his store.

A Cairhien horse trader is in excellent condition.

a Cairhien horse trader is using:
<worn on body> a plain brown shirt
<worn about waist> a wide leather belt
<worn on belt> a small purse

You attempt to peek at the inventory:
You can't see anything.

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