Black flame in kobal keep

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Black flame in kobal keep

Postby Razhak » Sun Sep 02, 2018 12:08 pm

Training Hall
Sweat and blood appear in droplets across the tile floor as young soldiers
train for battles yet to come. All sorts of wooden practice weapons adorn the
walls and several racks of battered weapons, that have seen their days of use,
rest in the corner. Several chairs line the walls for those who wish to watch a
sparring session or two. To one side of the room are numerous weights and
sparring dummies for the novices to train with. The walls also contain numerous
charts and diagrams, some depicting various vulnerable points of the human body
and others showing proper stances and forms. One rather startling chart points
out various areas of the anatomy of some kind of beast. A sign hangs above the
southern entrance and clanging can be heard from the east and west.
[ obvious exits: E S W ]
A black flame dances here in midair. [5]
A trolloc is here, exhorting a group of trolloc raiders.
A trolloc is here, exhorting a group of trolloc raiders.
An elite trolloc has arrived from the east.
A shadow stallion has arrived from the east.

Seems for some reason there are multiple black flames here

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