April temp zone changes - north of keep

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April temp zone changes - north of keep

Post by Camus » Mon Apr 01, 2019 11:47 am

The zone northwest of keep just underwent a few small changes. Here is what the zone usually looks like, where the southeast corner is keep and the southwest corner is all w keep


The changes are:

* Remove N exit from ‘Thinning Vegetation’ (N of Rotten)
* Remove N exit from ‘North of the Path’ (NE of Rotten)
* Station one of the three fade patrols at ‘North of the Path’ (the other two patrols cannot reach that room)
* Remove all exits from ‘Blasted Lands’ (W W N from Log)
* Remove E and S exits from ‘Dank Swamp’ (N N W from Blasted Lands)

Here is what the map looks like after the change, and I added a red tab where the patrol is now stationed.


The intent here is to keep PK going when LS has pushed DS back all the way to Keep, as well as to give the players involved in that pk a chance to finish opponents off.

No matter what, this is a temp change and in May things will go back to normal. We can at that point have a discussion about how the changes felt, but regardless first there will be a return to the default state.

These changes were suggested by Guhadin. Thanks to him for suggesting them, and be sure to let him hear all about it if you dislike!

PS this is not an April Fool's post ;)

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