Trial: dynamic smobs.

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Trial: dynamic smobs.

Post by Elysia » Wed May 01, 2019 7:31 pm

Immortals got a new toy a few weeks ago, one we've wanted for a long time because it will allow us to spice things up. Things like gholam regenning was previously coded, now we can do it through mobol also.

As an extension of this, five smobs have been changed so they respond differently to various offensive attacks:
Disgraced Whitecloak
Renegade Commander

These have all been made hideable, sneakable, rideable, blindable, sleepable and so on, as has at least one room outside the smob room. The smob rooms should also have been made no-hurricane, so please report if you find you can use this - it's not intended.

However, before you go charging in (literally):
Every repop, minus if a smob is currently being hit (or so it is intended), the smob will shuffle between which setups are possible. E.g. the one repop you will be able to charge, but the smob will heal itself some if you land, making it harder to kill that way for that repop. The next repop though, it will let you land charges without healing the smob, but it might block sleep. The next repop it might heal on ice spikes, but allow stab.

Sometimes it will Heal on one fighting skill (e.g. bash, charge, stab) and one weave skill, sometimes it will allow all skills, sometimes it will block all. Note that with Blind and Sleep, there is no Healing involved, but another tactic is applied.

The skills affected are:
Ice spikes

Since bash isn't going to solo much, there is also a bonus damage option for bash, if you land one.

This should allow every setup to have an easier time to kill smobs at least some of the time, while making it harder other times. The idea is to make smobbing less static/ boring, and alternating between a variety of ways to kill it, although plain old melee will always work. For those who play during Aussie times, for example, this should open up new options when it comes to smobbing.

Right now I randomly picked a few smobs. I didn't alter descs so Rene is still in a tree. A rideable tree. If this works and gets spread out to more standard smobs (e.g. not chains like Murgoz, IoMM, Jafar, which aren't intended to be soloable), then we'll need to do some work on descs too, but let's see how this goes first. If it's a flop, we can always revert.

Posts: 5425
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Re: Trial: dynamic smobs.

Post by Elysia » Fri May 10, 2019 5:25 pm

This is why we can't have nice things.

Because some players can't restrain themselves and instead of reporting possible bugs and loopholes, abuse them, the anti-sleep mobol has been re-instated on these smobs.

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