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Uniques Policy

Postby Elodin » Mon Sep 14, 2015 12:02 pm

Uniques are to be actively in play at all times, either by your character wielding it or wearing it. Sitting in the safety of, for example, a city or clanroom, or depositing the item before leaving safety is not deemed active play.

Activity is determined by an internal written Staff policy that all Staff members must follow; said policy is not published. Characters found in violation of this rule are subject to being put in Unique Jail, which one can leave immediately once they give up the unique item in question. Appeals may be mailed to the Staff.

It is expressly forbidden to trade uniques - if you can't use an item or will not be using it, simply give it away.

Disrupting the automated turn-in cycle of the weapons Justice and Malfeasor is forbidden, as is holding on to these items for a prolonged period of time in order to keep the other side from retrieving it.

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