Zone change: south-east of Caemlyn.

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Zone change: south-east of Caemlyn.

Postby Voices of the Wheel » Mon Jan 02, 2017 9:34 am

Beware, several zones south-east of Caemlyn have gone through drastic room connection changes.

Manor zone:
-the manor zone and the zone west of the manor have mostly been separated at the split rail fence rooms, excepting a gate in said fence just west of the manor.
-the area north of the manor connecting to Aringill has been made a bit chokier
-some small barnyard mobs have been added for flavor

Grassy Plains zone:
-there are fewer access points from the grassy plains to the Caemlyn Road leading to Aringill
-the connections from the grassy plains to the areas south of Kintara have been removed, so Kintara and the junction south of Caemlyn are chokepoints again
-the whole zone has been turned from a giant box with a hole (the pond) in it to something with dead ends and generally been made chokier
-the southern edge has received some elk, bobcat and two solitary mushrooms to help bridge that annoying gap between saplings and ancient trees when leveling

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