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Returning Players: READ HERE

Posted: Mon Jun 26, 2017 2:25 pm
by Vampa
Things you should know:

Prerolled stats are available and are as follows:
Warrior 19 13 14 15 19
Rogue 17 12 11 19 17
Hunter 18 11 12 17 19
Channeler 13 16 17 17 13
At level 3, 'tell guardian prerolledstats' to have your stats adjusted to those.

You can now purchase practice resets at master blacksmiths in any city, say 'help' in their room for prices.

Say 'rerank me please' at any master blacksmith to be re-ranked if you're rank 0, up till rank 5. For initiates of the Tower until rank 4.

You can turn scalps in at a Tactician's clerk for 3/5/7 qp rewards in Stronghold, Tanchico, and Four Kings.

If you're stuck on a Seanchan boat, try saying 'order departure'.

If you're clanned, use 'tell guardian prerolledstats' for your clan prac bonus. Do not use this if you're already practiced, it will lower whatever your clan practice is to 78%.

Wearied merchants now sell full dodge, or full armor, say 'buy' for a list of choices and cost.

If you are rank 4 in a Lightside clan, armorer's assistants will swap armor to combo for 125 gcs a piece, combo to dodge and dodge to armor for 75 gcs a piece.

If you're in Cairhien and looking for the warrior prac mobs, say "where is Asan" or "where is Tavolin" at the Cairhien crier. He knows where they can be found.

If you're in Tar Valon and looking for the hunter prac mob, say "where is Harryl" at the Tar Valon crier. He will point you in the right direction.

We'll keep this updated when and if there are other things you should know.

Re: Returning Players: READ HERE

Posted: Sun Aug 05, 2018 2:16 am
by Vampa
Updates of the Last Year: