Removal of master mob lead, pending alternative.

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Removal of master mob lead, pending alternative.

Postby Voices of the Wheel » Fri Mar 16, 2018 9:18 am

After several discussions the Staff of WoTmud have decided to remove the ability for masters to lead mastermobs. Too often we see them used in ways that are unbalanced, which is in part due to a coding bug/oversight. They were never meant to be orderable to kill target, for example, or so we found out last year. Combined with various augmentations such as full eq, high end weapon, warding vs damage, and various tactics such as a group of masters leading mobs hunting down a smaller opposition, it is just too much. For that reason, we are removing master mob lead.

The changes will go into effect after reboot or if mobs were killed and are loaded after a repop.

In a few weeks' time, during which we will observe the impact of this change, we will implement new mobs for masters to lead. These will be of a considerable lower level and more like the Child of Light eager mobs than master mobs. We're also looking at re-implementing various barracks around the world that will allow masters to pick up/drop off these mobs in more places than their home city, however, these mobs will not load out "in the wild". Lastly, this change will also mean that the death of these new leadable mobs will no longer cost qps.

If you find a mob you can still lead, -report it-, don't abuse it.

The only mobs that should currently be leadable are:
-Neela, the Wisdom apprentice mob
-Ninkala, the Gleeman performance evaluator mob
-Teben, the avid Illuminator
-an eager Child of the Light
-mobs such as Rufferto, ankebiters
-pets bought in pet shops, as well as mounts, for obvious reasons
-some quest related mobs

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