Ragan - no hide removed, 30 days evaluation

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Ragan - no hide removed, 30 days evaluation

Postby Giramael » Thu Mar 29, 2018 12:48 pm

Ragan gap and orch have both had no hide removed. We'll evaluate how this feels for 30 days.

Without going into great detail, this is something considered for a while, and the recent loss of mob lead tipped it over the line. DS could previously flush a group of humans out, or at least hit Ragan when odds were against them using a mob or two from blight. This change is an attempt to avoid drawn out stalemates in pk, and keep things flowing.

The danger flows both ways. There is more risk sitting at Ragan for humans, but trolloc rogues will undoubtedly die going for stabs at Ragan.

There was some rather heinous anti stab mobol added too. Ragan is there as a fall back for humans, not an smob. Trolloc rogues, anyone else thinking about it... just don't and thank me for the warning.

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