Clan Migrations

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Clan Migrations

Postby Vampa » Tue Apr 03, 2018 1:26 pm

Last year, we tried out a process whereby someone in a clan could migrate to another clan with quest points intact. The clan that they moved to would choose how many quest points they were allowed to keep, and if they were allowed to retain their rank or had to earn them again. We had five people utilize the process, and four are now unclanned, or back with their original clans, some without the quest points they had upon leaving.

The idea was to allow people to migrate out of a dead clan, into one that was active.

Part of the problem with that in practice was that it’s far easier to move into a dead clan, than out of one, as the person migrating had to be unanimously accepted.

The other problem was one that only became more apparent later, in that allowing people to leave an inactive clan I was putting nails into that clan’s coffin, and I should have instead been providing means by which to resuscitate the clan first.

I have been, and continue to adjust our approach to the game based on the player base. With our continued growth on that front, and for the caveats mentioned, I am going to discontinue this practice for now.

If anyone has any complaints, please mail them to Giramael.
Positive feedback can be sent to me.


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