Temporary changes of June.

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Temporary changes of June.

Postby Voices of the Wheel » Sun Jun 03, 2018 9:25 am

Moridin's puppet Dragon will cause chaos in human lands. Each clan can set additional quests for targets in southern cities* that will further the spread of chaos.

Now that the Seanchan have joined the fight against the Shadow, we should strike swiftly and decisively. Each clan can set additional quests for targets in Darkside cities* that will further the Light.

*For DS: Everything south of Tar Valon. For LS: all DS cities, minus Blodfest.

You can either set 5 qps worth of quests every month, or 15 total over 3 months.
You can award for pk kills in cities, taking out shops, taking out 20 lamplighters for 1 qps (or something), cityheads, or for Healing type clans "heal an ally in an enemy city" and so on.
It's the councillors'/ masters' duty to post the quests, keep track on a thread on forums as to who has done what and award for the quests.
When awarding please include the word TEMP in your "for this and this task" somewhere so it's obvious that it's related to this temp change. Before in 3 years time we audit someone's qps and go "wtf were you issuing so many qps worth of quests around that time?!".

The cartographer has been asked to procure some items on his travels. You can find him in Tarendrelle. He will give you the details if you ask him about a QUEST.

The bountyhunter in Kintara has been contacted to take some heads. Perhaps you can assist him.

A Dragonsworn adjutant, sworn to Gorin Rogad, are wreaking havoc in Illian.

Roleplay logs pertaining to the False Dragon that are posted on rp or clan forums will get an extra 1-3 qps, depending on quality. For easy finding on clanforums, please make a special thread.

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