An Ogier master craftsman

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An Ogier master craftsman

Postby Voices of the Wheel » Sun Dec 09, 2018 8:29 pm

Deep within the Spine of the World, an Ogier master craftsman holds up a length of beautiful carved wood. A large forge roars behind him, emitting waves of heat as the door is opened and closed.

"This will do nicely for a staff, I think"

He puts on his spectacles and begins his intricate work.

A new staff has been added to the game, and may be crafted in a manner similar to gleaming longswords. Find the Ogier master craftsman and ask him about crafting a staff for instructions. This is a prototype for possible addition of other weapon types in the future, and stats on this weapon are subject to adjustment. Stats will be released and updated in the usual location once the staff makes its way into the game.

Report any bugs to Palaemon along with a detailed log

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