Previous war changes undone.

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Previous war changes undone.

Postby Elysia » Mon Feb 11, 2019 9:29 pm

I'm just going to post centrally, otherwise I have to post to too many clans:

*oL - Andor war: Omerna moved back to Amador, Lord Captain removed and Fanico back in Caemlyn outer city.
*oL - Eagle war: patrol at Bran al'Vere removed
*oL - Seanchan war: Dain Bornhald removed, Zuret back on Jafar. Inquisitor removed from SS outpost, dockmaster back at outpost.
*oL - Dragonsworn war: already done last week or so, but the clan hostage was moved from FoL to Jehannah.
*oL - Tear war: ship connection between south-Amador and Tear removed, advisor's title changed.

Tear - Mayene war: Winged Guard patrol has been removed from Tear docks. Duberman has returned to his post in Tear.

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