A declaration of war against the Dragonsworn

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A declaration of war against the Dragonsworn

Postby Anor » Fri Oct 12, 2018 2:26 am

A shadow lies across the lands of Ghealdan. In recent years, Queen Alliandre of Ghealdan has allowed the Dragonsworn to take up residence in her city, ostensibly to defend against the enemy of all Light fearing men and women, the Shadow. The Queen's logic was flawed as she was expecting agents of the Shadow to defend her nation against the Shadow.

The madman Bardomir Lazar founded the Dragonsworn when he proclaimed himself the Dragon Reborn. Madmen from all around the world flocked to his banner. Men who channeled were accepted despite the obvious dangers they posed to world. The Children of the Light have struck the head off of this serpent and Bardomir's corpse feeds the worms. The nest remains and the madmen are still free to wield their tainted power, unchecked by even the White Tower who seem to view them as friends.

The tainted are of less concern than the Darkfriends that fill the Dragonsworn Ranks. The Witch Briana is the most recent, before she was executed by the Children. But we remember Melayna and Kilgore, Dreadlords who were once among those who followed Bardomir. The truth is, there are many Darkfriends living in that mansion in Jehannah, future Dreadlords that will command the Shadow's armies.

When one of their own leaders, Dartes, lead an attack inside of Amador against our general we really had no choice.

As such the Children of the Light will lead a campaign in to Ghealdan and will attempt to finally rid the world of these darkfriends and madmen.

Pool 1
  • Implementation of a transport system between 2 places linked to the winning and losing clans.
  • Addition of a patrol. Winning clan patrol placed in an agreed upon position.
  • Clan mob hostage.

Pool 2
  • 20.000 gold in the clan coffers.
  • Player execution. E.g. those who were the instigators, those who raided enemy city or other, limited, selection. Up to 5 players.
  • Advisor role for one of the victors, as shown by a title

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