Illian Companions: Open for Enlistment

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Illian Companions: Open for Enlistment

Postby Atienne » Fri Apr 12, 2019 8:11 am

A man wearing a green coat embroidered with nine golden bees stops you in the Square of Tammaz.

He is neatly put together, wearing polished armor under his coat. An air of discipline, respect, and professionalism surrounds him. He looks cunning, handsome, and well-trained. It is certainly obvious that he is not drunk like some unskilled invalid known as a Defender of the Stone. The gold and jade chased tankard hanging from his bag is nearly twice as large as a normal sized tankard and is clean and polished. This suggests he can consume more than his fair share of drink, while not getting sloppy at all.

"Are you looking for fame? Fortune? Adventure? Camaraderie? Look no further than the Illian Companions!"

He hands you a sheet of paper. It is a recruitment flier for the Illian Companions. It reads:

Illian's elite shock troops, the Illianer Companions, are recruiting! The Companions serve as the personal guard of King Mattin Stepaneos den Balgar. They are also the backbone of the Illianer Army. Many famous men and women are members of this elite fighting force. The Companions take in men and women from throughout the known world. The Companions work on merit, and any soldier, regardless of nationality, may attain the highest ranks in our organization!

What are the requirements?

First, please make sure you are not wanted in any nation of the world, Tear included. The Companions are not a refuge for villainy. Exceptions include warrants from the Seanchan Empire and the Shadow. If you can channel the One Power, please do not apply.

With that out of the way, the next step is to contact the Companions. Either send us a letter about yourself (use the forum mail and send it to the Illian Companions mail group) or contact a Companion in game and introduce yourself. We don't care so much about where you come from, but we do care about what you are seeking from joining the Companions.

After this, you must state your intentions. Henceforth, you must identify yourself as an Illian Companion Aspirant. You must be at least level 20 to do so. While you are an Aspirant, you may not be a full fledged member, but you must act with the utmost decorum. You are now a citizen of Illian and your actions will reflect on the nation as a whole.

If you haven't already, spend some time familiarizing yourself with the area. Knowledge of the city of Illian, the Illian Road, the way to Mayene, and the city of Tear is important for a Companion.

While an Aspirant, you must perform some tasks and reach level 30 before you can be considered to be inducted into the ranks as a full fledged member. After finishing each task, please bring proof of completion to a member of the Companions. If no one is awake, you may present the proof to King Mattin Stepaneos den Balgar. If you turn it in to the King, you must send us a log showing that you have done so (use the Illian Companion mail group). You may also be asked to show us your increased knowledge of the countryside. It is also encouraged to introduce yourself to any Companions (in game) and travel with them if it is appropriate so that we may get to know you better.

When you have completed these tasks and have reached at least level 30, please let a Companion know. If no one is awake, you may notify us with a letter (again, use the Illian Companion mail group). The three specific tasks are as follows:

Task 1: Scouting the Borders
North, across the causeway of the Northern Star, the Silver Road winds its way north into Murandy. Travellers and merchants heading south to Illian have been complained mainly about two things: Bandits, and potholes. The latter has kept the King's masons busy for the last decade and I don't think your particular skill set is matching that task, so what is left is the bandits. Head north and find these bandits, return with the head of the leader as proof of your conviction to join the Companions.

Task 2: The Tairen Threat
East, past the Plains of Marado lies the city of Tear. Now I need no be telling you as the world already is aware that these Tariens are the most despicable people, perhaps aside from the Aiel. Whispers: A black veiled Aiel is more reasonable than a Tairen anyday, and three times as much on feastday my Da would say. A courier was sent here from Tear with a key, but he is five days late and we now suspect the worst. He was told to keep the key dry in an oilskin bag, so if you can't find the lad look around for the bag, maybe we will get lucky.

Task 3: Shadowspawn
The borderlanders are always clamoring on and on about the blight and the like. We do be no believing in fish wives tales they be sending south about trollocs and such. The greater threat as we all know do be coming from across the ocean as the Seanchan want what we do have. Those damned borderlands made a treaty with them as well... but that's ni here no there. We lost the old man who watched from the top of the watchtower, blood was everywhere and we think some of those damned plains lions got him. But a visiting Shenarian said the he could smell a half-man and some trolloc sweat over the smell of blood. He was a strange one... go look around and make sure all is right as a winter cemaros.

Feel free to contact a Companion if you need some help with any of these requirements. Whether it's gaining experience to reach a higher level, to learn the areas around Illian, or to complete these three tasks, someone would be glad to help you! We are quite capable of teaching you what you need to know, if you do not know it already. We have some of the finest generals, soldiers that know many different fighting styles, and even Ta'veren within our ranks!

A man wearing a green coat embroidered with nine golden bees smiles at you.

"I hope you consider joining the Companions. Surely some fresh recruits like you would be just what we need to take back East Illian (the city formerly known as Tear) and the Stone!"

-No warrants from any nation (except Seanchan and Shadow). Channelers need not apply.
-Send us an RP letter about why you want to become a Companion or conduct an interview in-game with a member of the Companions
-Be level 20 to become an Aspirant, put "Illian Companion Aspirant" in your title
-Complete the three tasks from above, send us proof (in-game or mail), complete zone knowledge test, and get level 30
-If you need any help or instruction, feel free to contact a Companion
-When you complete all the requirements, let a Companion know in-game or mail us and we will arrange for your induction into the ranks

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