A Notice, attached to a post, under the map of Illian, in the Square of Tammaz

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A Notice, attached to a post, under the map of Illian, in the Square of Tammaz

Postby Kerryk » Fri May 10, 2019 9:55 pm

The Council of Nine at the behest of King Mattin Stepaneos den Balgar have instituted a war time curfew for the City and Palaces of Illian. Please take heed as this curfew could affect the travel of normal citizens of Illian. This curfew will be in effect until the current skirmish with Tear has resolved, it is in effect at all times, even if no Companion is around to enforce it.

1. When fighting spills to the streets of Illian, all citizens must exit the city immediately. Exemptions for this will only be given to Illian's war allies. Aes Sedai and the Wisdom are welcomed in Illian at all times.

2. Loitering in the streets or the palaces is forbidden. Citizens must have current business, or be the guest of a Companion. Warnings will be issued with greater consequences for repeat offenders.

3. The Illian Peninsula north of the City of Illian is also under restriction during the duration of the skirmish.

We apologize to the citizens of Illian for these travel restriction and hope to resolve the current conflict with a resounding victory.

Kerryk Medakan, Captain of the Golden Bee [Illian Companion Council]

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