Cancellation of Treaty with the Seanchan Empire

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Cancellation of Treaty with the Seanchan Empire

Post by Ashlee » Tue May 21, 2019 9:26 pm

After much consideration, it is the decision of the Shienaran Lancers that the treaty between Shienar and the Seanchan Empire shall henceforth be nullified. All Seanchan who have received pardons for past warrants shall remained pardoned. The laws of Shienar shall be amended and posted for all nations to see. Moving forward, Shienar will interact with members of the Seanchan Empire as it did prior to the treaty being put into place.

In practical terms, the guards in Fal Dara and further north will no longer assist Seanchan (after the formalities are completed), and will consider all warranted Seanchan as threats. In accordance with Fal Dara's existing treaties with other nations, warranted Seanchan officers may face enforcement action down south in similar terms to non-Seanchan wanted by Fal Dara. Lancers may also take defensive actions against any Seanchan officers that they perceive to pose a threat to them or their group members down south. Furthermore, any attack from animals and mounts that are controlled by the Seanchan will be considered as hostile action from the Seanchan officer accompanying said animal or mount.

That said, we will continue to honour truce with the Seanchan in the presence of the Shadow, and more broadly in the northern lands.

On behalf of the Shienaran Lancers and Shienar,

Lady Ashlee [Shienaran Lancer Council]