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A Note

Post by Erulisse » Sun Apr 07, 2019 2:17 am

*A page of neat calligraphy has been posted here*

...needless to say my interest in the state of Tear increased after my experiences there. My encounters with *a large section of text has been obliterated with carefully applied ink* led me to reexamine my early dismissal of this backwards province.

The Laws of Tear are primarily constituted to maintain the social and economic hegemony of a small group of elites, namely the High Lords and their client nobillity. A summary of these laws is better found elsewhere, but I will spend a few moments discussing the ban on channeling the One Power. While Tarien’s sometimes suggest that this ban is a result of a concern for the effect on the Great Holding, this point is not clearly borne out by the historical record. It seems much more likely it is borne out of the generalized ignorance and prejudice which afflicts the nation with the modern concern little more than a rationalization of that baser state.

Nevertheless, regardless of the backward nature of these laws, members of the White Tower should endeavor to follow them. In such cases as *more ink obliterates the following text*

Collated notes, Erulisse Avehelm, Volume IX, Ethnography of the Kingdoms Between the Spine of the World and the Aryth Ocean.