A meeting.

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A meeting.

Postby xoco » Mon Nov 21, 2016 9:51 pm

It is a clear, bright day when the Winged Guard, led by Lords Aldwyn and Traven, disembark from the Golden Hawk and proceed to the eastern centre of Tanchico for their rendezvous with the Civil Watch. Bannerman Xoco can't help but notice how well-ordered the western half of the city is, maintained so by the Seanchan. The eastern half stands in stark opposition; it seems deserted, a run-down mess of a place, and the Civil Watch are nowhere to be seen. The party look about them for a moment, wondering at the unexplained absence of the beleagured organization. For ones so determined to see justice and equality in the lands, they seemed incapable of even making a simple appointment with those sympathetic to their cause. A series of shrugs pass through the envoy, and someone murmurs something about being spared the conversation of a certain individual. They ride out from the gates, forgetting completely the barren city that fades into nothing behind them.

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