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So no man may ever claim ignorance of our lands or policies again.

The Lands of Manetheren

Northern Boundary - The Haulers in Taren Ferry.
Southern Boundaries - We include in our lands the road south of Deven Ride (including Long Bottom) and the lands East of the bridge in the Loggers Camp.
Eastern Boundaries - Silent Bridge east of Emonds Field on the border of Altara.
Western Boundaries - Everything East of "Berries" is our Land, this includes the Silver Mines.

Protectorate Lands Outside of Our Boundaries:

Yandar (we include "bark" area and mines leading to Yandar)

The Laws of Manetheren:

Hunting Rights:
Anyone wishing to hunt wanted criminals in our lands must first ask permission before proceeding with the hunt. If Trollocs or Seanchan are raiding or even in the area, do not attack another human unless they are a known darkfriend and-or helping the enemy race.
Attack without permission and you will be asked to leave the lands of Manetheren. Do it again and you will be warranted.

Other Laws:
Banishment from Manetheren can be given by ANY Red Eagle.
Any attack on another human while in the Two Rivers will not be tolerated and will be dealt with on a case to case basis.
We don't tolerate whining during and after raids of the Dark or Seanchan.
Do not harm a sheep within the lands of Manetheren, our sheep are the lifeblood of our citizens. If you kill them you are taking food off of our children's plates. If you are witnessed killing a sheep by a Red Eagle you will be warranted.

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