An Aes Sedai leaves the Tower

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An Aes Sedai leaves the Tower

Postby Shamara » Mon Dec 05, 2016 5:53 pm

The Meeting Hall of the Blue Ajah
Immense panes of glass are set into soaring arched windows. Polished
benches with blue leather cushions are arranged in ascending tiers around
the edges of the circular chamber, the flame of Tar Valon inlaid in silver
behind each place. In the center of the chamber, a wide copper ring set
into the white, silver-streaked stone marks the speaker's position. The
ceiling above tapers to a point, lanterns hanging from the oak beams that
span the turret. A large arch with heavy doors leads to the north.
[ obvious exits: N ]
A large desk made of fine, thick wood stands across the room from here.
A marble bench, flecked with gold and bronze, adorns the floor.
Baeryn Sedai is standing here, sorting valuables.
Anaiya Sedai of the Blue Ajah stands here.

close doubledoors

Shamara greets Anaiya with a light kiss on her cheek.

Shamara greets Baeryn with a light kiss on its cheek.

Shamara feels the flows of saidar coursing through her body.

Shamara weaves to ensure sound will not carry outside of the room.

Shamara nods in satisfaction.

Shamara says 'Sisters. I suspect you may already guess why I am here?'

Shamara stands motionless as she watches Anaiya nod.

Shamara says 'It is time for me to step down as Sitter and also to seek retirement.'

Shamara says 'Anaiya, you, perhaps better than anyone know the unique responsibilities Blue Sisters face and the toll it can take on us for you more than anyone have seen...'

Shamara says ' many Blue Sisters give and give and give to their causes, to the Ajah's and Tower's needs, until they themselves are figuratively a husk of what they used to be.'

Shamara says 'Devoid of much of the passion that first caused them to join the Blue Ajah in the first place.'

Shamara thinks.

Shamara says 'Do you recall me as an Accepted?'

Shamara says 'I used to be...well nice. Initiates would see my joy in serving the Tower and on more than one occasion I was told I'd make a perfect Mistress of Novices.'

Shamara frowns slightly.

Shamara says 'But those days are long in the past.'

Shamara says 'Now, I barely recognize myself.'

Shamara says 'Years of pardons, warrants, appeals where one constantly sees the bad in people...'

Shamara says 'All the days where I used to spend hours upon hours handing out tasks to initiates.'

Shamara pauses.

Shamara says 'In any position where we volunteer our time -- where we give of ourselves -- it's important to protect our very desire to want to help.'

Shamara says 'To not lose ourselves along the way as we immerse ourselves into our Causes.'

It is 2 o'clock pm, on the 15th day of the month of Amadaine, year 1145.
According to legend and prophecy, this is the Zunth Turn of the Wheel.
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Shamara says 'It is time for me to venture away from the Tower and take the time to rekindle my passions. To once again see the world with fresh eyes and enthusiasm. '

Shamara says 'To not pay attention to one's own needs -- well I've seen that path before and I still miss my friend terribly and feel greater sorrow for the Tower's loss.'

Shamara says 'Now, of course, you will always know where to reach me so you can relay mail to me.'

Shamara says 'And should someone seek my advice, I will of course respond.'

Shamara says 'But for now, I am stepping down from this position of power. '

Shamara says 'It is times to make room for others to step up.'

Shamara says 'The Tower has survived for centuries before I was raised to the shawl and will continue to stand without me.'

Shamara smiles slightly.

Shamara says 'It is my hope that a Sitter vote will be called. With both Maegon and Kitiara back, I leave the Blue Ajah in their capable hands.'

Shamara hugs Anaiya and Baeryn.

Shamara feels the flows of saidar coursing through her body.

Shamara releases the weave preventing sound from passing through the door.

Shamara takes a look around and nods.
Partially due to my duty-bound RP, for the past 1-2 years I've found less and less joy in playing this alt. For a time I was the only 'active' Blue Ajah Aes Sedai so I kept chugging along feeling I must for if I didn't keep doing pardons/appeals/investigations/etc. it would then fall to our (already overworked) Watcher's hands. But, in short, in any volunteer/helping position, it's important that you always ensure you place your own ability to want to help others above helping others. To do otherwise is to burn out and then you are no good to anyone.

I still intend to occasionally play Shamara, but more in the background than in the foreground and 'Anaiya' will always know where to send my mail. I tend to also be pretty free handing out my personal skype with Aes Sedai and other Tower members so many know how to reach me.

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