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Grabbing the fetching young barmaid by the waist and twirling her about, the two made eye contact for but a moment. No one could have noticed the unspoken between them and she was momentarly entranced in his half smile and the deep gaze of his hazel eyes. Cibella nimbily continued along her way, arms full of food and ale working her way cross the main hall and quickly slipping into a private room near the back.

There was a light knock on his private chamber. Expective of her arrival he knew who was at the door. "It's open!" called from inside. Cibella entered the room and quickly locked the door behind her. Looking around, she noticed the bed layed out with the travelers effects. Notably was his dark clad leather armor.. She ran her fingers across the various plates of leather. His cloak was of a fine suede that she picked up and brushed against her cheek.. So soft! "You like the cloak?" came a voice from behind her.. Startled she dropped it to the floor and quickly tried to excuse herself.. Shrugging off her interests in his effects he greeted her with a light kiss and all anxiety melted away. "So tell me what you learned my dear."

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