Concerning Pial

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Concerning Pial

Postby Weir » Tue Dec 06, 2016 4:24 pm

It is the firm belief of the Shienaran Lancers that the actions of Pial in recent months paint him clearly as a Darkfriend. He has stirred nations into war, constantly created strife in the north, and despite a facade of desiring a pardon, continues aggression against many peoples of the Light even in the face of Shadowspawn.

Unless he proves himself without a doubt a servant of the Light, his warrant from Shienar will remain in perpetuity, and he shall be hunted down as a Darkfriend. He will be open to attack while in Shienar by any who serve the Light, and shall be granted no accord. Anyone seen directly aiding Pial while in Shienar shall be subject to punishment for aiding a Darkfriend.

On behalf of the Shienaran Lancer Council,
Lord Weir

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