The Laws of Tar Valon

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The Laws of Tar Valon

Postby Maegon » Sat Dec 10, 2016 3:26 am

Borders of Tar Valon:
The Borders of Tar Valon are:
Towards Caemlyn: The Bend in the Road 1w of the Andor patrol.
Towards Cairhien: The most southeasterly section of road posted as The "Tar Valon to Cairhien Road".
Towards Fal Dara: At the road posted as "A Curving of the Road" south of the Borderguard Fort.
To the West: The Western border of the Sallow Woods including the waygate area.

Laws of Tar Valon
1. There will be no unauthorized attacks on visitors and citizens of Tar Valon, either in the city or within the lands it holds. Violations may lead to banishment or warranting depending on circumstances.

2. The use of the One Power as a weapon against a human anywhere except in self-defense or legitimately serving a warrant is a warrantable offense

3. All male channelers will be warranted on discovery.

4. The use of commonly known (clan) equipment from shadowspawn or Seanchan is not allowed. It must be removed while within the confines of Tar Valon city and lands. Refusal to remove said equipment at the request or order of a Tar Valon Citizen (Aes Sedai, Gaidin, or Valon Guard) is cause for banishment and can lead to warranting.

Other items forbidden to be in possession in Tar Valon city and lands are tinfuls and forkroot, both raw form and vial.

5. All items of the One Power, angreal, ter'angreal, and sa'angreal, are rightfully the property of the Tower and must be turned over to an Aes Sedai at their request. Refusal may lead to banishment or warranting. Lightsticks are an exception.

6. Aiding and abetting any male channeler or other person warranted by Tar Valon may earn a warrant.

7. Any unprovoked attack on a citizen of Tar Valon (Tower, Gaidin, or Valon Guard) in any land is a warrantable offense unless LEGITIMATELY serving a warrant.

8. When a warranted person requests a pardon they must either submit themselves or perform a task to prove their contrition for their offense. The number of submissions or alternate quest depends upon the severity and number of offenses.

9. Hiding in Tar Valon (use of the command hide) is forbidden and may lead to banishment.

10. Visitors to the Tower must remain on the ground floor unless with a Tower escort and at all times must remain out of the library, classroom, Hall of Sitters, Kitchen, Pantry, and basement. Anyone may visit Coulin. Only Tower may visit Sheriam Sedai.

11. Failing to obey the order of a Tar Valon Citizen (Aes Sedai, Gaidin, or Valon Guard) while in Tar Valon city or lands is cause for banishment or warrant, depending on circumstance.

12. Using tricks to mimic channeling Saidin (emotes) may earn a warrant just as actually using Saidin would.

13. Known Darkfriends are considered the same as other shadowspawn as far is in regard to Tar Valon laws.

14. Stealing from any individual is forbidden in Tar Valon, and may be punished by banishment or warranting.

Passed by the Hall of Sitters on 8/12/2008.
Revised by the Hall of Sitters on 13th February 2010.

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