Clearing up misconceptions

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Clearing up misconceptions

Postby pial » Tue Dec 13, 2016 8:40 pm

Weir has recently accused me of being a darkfriend in a very public manner. I will show to the world some correspondence that I believe proves otherwise, which is a condition for having the label removed and hopefully a pardon offered and that shows I, and more importantly the Civil Watch, never wanted a war with the Shienaran Lancers to begin with:

Civil Watch, Saldaean Cavalry, and the Shienaran Lancers
Sent: Wed Nov 02, 2016 3:20 pm
From: pial
Recipient: Weir

Recent hostilities have sparked between the Saldaean Cavalry and the Civil watch, as I'm sure you are aware. I am writing this letter to bring clarification about the Civil Watch's intent and to receive clarification about the borders under the control of the Lancers.

Moric was murdered in Saldaea without a warrant. The Saldaean Cavalry showed no remorse for their wrong doing so we are forced to meet them in battle for we can not take lightly the murder of a member of the Civil Watch, nor the corruption in their hearts. We have no intention to bring the hostilities to your lands and we respect the laws and the fight against the Shadow that you have undertaken. I want to emphasize that we have no intention of bringing this war to your lands.

What I hope you can do for us is that you give the border information of your lands so that we will not accidentally bring these matters to your doorsteps. I feel that this information would help us make sure that the fight against the Shadow won't be compromised by this dispute. It is our sincere hope that relations between the Civil Watch and the Lancers can remain cordial.

- Lord Pial the Sheriff

I'm guilty of being disliked but I am not guilty of being a darkfriend. As can be seen here I took steps to try to keep the conflict with the Saldaean Cavalry contained within the borders of that particular nation. I was banished and then warranted not even a few days after I sent the above letter to Weir whilst leading a patrol of Civil Watch to smash a group of Shadowspawn on the winding road.

It is time for this conflict to come to an end and certain facts must come to light to help toward that end.

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