READ THIS: Fal Dara no hides removed

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READ THIS: Fal Dara no hides removed

Postby Eol » Sun Jun 11, 2017 11:29 pm

A more official announcement may be made from the Lancer Council in the future. This is an emergency announcement of a major change.

Citizens and friends of Fal Dara,

Almost all places of commerce, leisure, and preparation are now no longer secure from hiding murderers, thieves, griefers and shadowspawn.

Many locations which were previously secure no longer are. The following locations appear to remain "secure":
The Peaceful Night's Rest, Wisdom's Storage Room, and Annex of Agelmar's Chambers

It has been the habit of our forces to prepare for battle at the gates of Fal Dara. These rooms are no longer safe places to prepare or to rest. I would strongly discourage individuals from resting or waiting there. I would strongly discourage the use of the rack at the Malkier Gate.

In addition, other locations throughout the north also appear to have been changed including the Shienaran Commander's Tower. Do not presume that locations which were previously safe from stabbing scum will remain so.

For those who are considering "daydreaming" in Fal Dara - I would recommend they do so under Lord Agelmar's protection. The defenses within the keep are much more aggressive than in the outer city. Be aware that 1n of Lord Agelmar and 1W of Agelmar (within the studydoor) are also both no longer secure. Be aware that 1s of Agelmar is not patrolled by soldiers.

On a personal, there is a strong tendency for players not to read the forums and to be surprised by changes. Please tell your friends so that they aren't taken advantage of by our many predatory players. Instead of AFKing - consider renting.

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