Addendum to Fal Dara No-hides

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Addendum to Fal Dara No-hides

Postby Weir » Mon Jun 12, 2017 3:16 pm

Lord Eol made a notice to make people aware of recent changes inside Fal Dara regarding no-hide rooms. There is only one change I would note, and that was regarding "daydreaming" at the Annex of Lord Agelmar's chambers.

Please do not do this. Lancer clan business is conducted with Lord Agelmar, and having random people idling about can be quite irritating. If you are simply seeking some place to sit around, the Peaceful Knight's Rest is a fine place to idle. If Shadowspawn are actively attacking you in Fal Dara, neither there nor Agelmar are ideal places to be anyways (Lord Agelmar's guards are focused on his protection, not yours, you are better off wherever the guard forces are at strength).

If Shadowspawn are active inside Fal Dara and you are forced to divert your attention elsewhere, you are better off leaving the city (renting or otherwise).

***A note is tacked on at the end:***

Please note the Peaceful Knight's Rest is no longer as safe as it once was. The Center of the Courtyard should be the go-to place now (4n of the Crossing).

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