A parchment pinned to a smoldering pillar

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A parchment pinned to a smoldering pillar

Postby Kordin » Fri Jul 28, 2017 3:57 pm

To all interested,

The Guild of Illuminators is seeking new blood. Talented blood.

If you believe you have what it takes to become a Guardian of the Nights Light....
If you seek to understand the power of fire and to unlock the secrets of the black powder....
And if you wish to guard that knowledge with your life, and protect it from those with malicious intent...

Then find one of our Illuminator assistants and state your intentions by saying you wish to JOIN GUILD. You may send a message to one of our Chapterhouses, introducing yourself and explaining why should we consider you for apprenticeship. However in order to save everyone the time and effort, I offer the reply to that in advance - seek out one of our assistants and follow their instructions.

A word of warning though - Do not mistake this for a guarantee that you will be accepted as an Apprentice and immediately admited into the Guild, upon completion of those instructions.

The assistants do not have that power, nor will they ever have. Only Illuminators can make those decisions, and we are the ones you need to impress.

*a soot covered signature*
Lord Kordin al'Dendarii
Guild High Council

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