Regarding Spoils of Battle in Shienar

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Regarding Spoils of Battle in Shienar

Postby Weir » Mon Jul 31, 2017 7:20 pm

A reminder to all:

The fair splitting of loot from battles is the responsibility of all involved. If a leader after a fight asks for people to speak up about what they have, it is your responsibility to respond. Failure to respond, or lying in your response and walking off with equipment or scalps is considered theft in Shienar. Punishments will be meted out as such.

We are not trying to designate a set way to split spoils from battle. All we aim to do is to ensure all involved are okay with the method of splitting and making sure everyone gets a fair chance.

If someone steals gear or scalps from a fight, bring the matter to the attention of the Lancer Council. We will investigate the situation, and dole out punishment as deemed necessary. Repeat offenders will be dealt with harshly.

Lord Weir [Shienaran Lancer Council]

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