The Sisterhood of the Wisdoms is now accepting applicants for Apprenticeship

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The Sisterhood of the Wisdoms is now accepting applicants for Apprenticeship

Postby Racquel » Thu Aug 03, 2017 3:54 am

Ladies of the Light,

The Sisterhood of the Wisdoms has once more opened its doors in the hope of finding new apprentices. It has been many years since we have, as a clan, trained multiple Apprentices and we are looking for the next generation of girls to perhaps one day look after a village of their own. It is with deep regret that we have noticed that Wisdoms Malika and Raya, in particular, are old and dithery. Our hope, is to train a few new apprentices before they go to the great Herb Garden in the sky.

For those girls wishing to apply, I can not encourage you enough to read HERE.

For those girls who are less skilled at reading, the abridged version is the following:
  • Women only.
  • Expect heavy roleplay.
  • No warrants from clans of the Light.
  • No innocents on trophy.
  • Expect heavy roleplay.
  • You should already be behaving as a Wisdom should.
  • Expect heavy roleplay. You should consider this when you write your application letter.

Applications can be addressed to myself and they will be forwarded for all Wisdoms to review. The Application period will be open from today for one week. Applicants will be kept notified of their progress via mail, and I would encourage every applicant to attempt to meeting with as many Wisdoms as possible.

Lastly, if you have spoken to a Wisdom directly and she has already agreed to mentor you directly this will not affect your application. However, I would recommend liaising with your mentor for instruction on how to proceed.

Signed on behalf of the Wisdom Council
Lady Racquel A'Hara.

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