A letter addressed to Amrylin Cadsuane Melaidhrin and the Hall of Sitters

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A letter addressed to Amrylin Cadsuane Melaidhrin and the Hall of Sitters

Postby daal » Tue Dec 26, 2017 3:45 pm

To the men, women and darkfriends of Tar Valon,

From this day forth, any and all persons bearing the insignia or livery of Tar Valon or the White Tower shall incur an immediate warrant from the Children of Light.

The shining walls of your island citadel will not reflect the force and will of the Light from being brought upon you. Those who would break the world again shall no longer find refuge from the Children of Light within your pitiful nation.

While the Children of Light are appreciative of the threat posed by the Seanchan descendants of Artur Hawkwing and their leashed witches, we are also cognizant of the very real, and greater threat posed to all living beings by a second breaking of our world. For members of your ranks to openly join in mutual aid with the ranks False Dragon Bardomir Lazar's militia of miscreants, outcasts, and ruffians to attack the Empress of the Nine Moons and proudly proclaim their mutual victory in doing so proves, without doubt or question that the White Tower in fact only serves chaos, depravity and despair. Indolent nations throughout the world unwittingly allow this malevolent agenda of the shadow to go unchecked, lauding heretics, such as this False Dragon, and darkfriends for their selfish use of the Creator's own sacred Power.

Further, it is incredibly two-faced that Tar Valon would declare an alliance and friendship with a False Dragon, whose followers include men that can seize upon the Creator's power, despite an entire division of Aes Sedai allegedly being dedicated to rooting out and eliminating such threats to the world. This blatant hypocrisy shows your true allegiance and color, which is most assuredly not that of your shawls. Consequently, the alliance and unification of forces between the White Tower and the Dragonsworn followers of the insane Bardomir Lazar is an unambiguous proclamation by the entirety of Aes Sedai that the Dragon is Reborn.

We shall no more idly stand by while you poison the hearts and minds of mankind. The maladies spread by your ilk through the known world must be stopped by those having the strength and the force of will to see through your trickery and illusions. The Children of Light have that strength, and stand ready to fight to the last breath to defend the world from all evil, whether it be the Dark One's spawn, the corrupt Seanchan invaders, the twisted Aes Sedai, or the insidious darkfriends.

Forward the Light! Forward the Children!
Daal el'Drien

Zygoat narrates 'Through the strength of the friendship between the Tower and the Dragonsworn, the Light reigns victorious! A party was dispatched to destroy the Seanchan Empire, and not only did we slay the foul Empress, the General Tzao, and those known as Alima and Kenu fell by her side!'
Jocelyn narrates 'The White Tower would like to see all lands united, Tarmon Gai'don is on our heels and the Light divided cannot stand against the encroaching Darkness.'
Berlyn narrates 'Oh, I don't know...Something about Dragonsworn's leader being a proven male channeler.'
Berlyn narrates 'And White Tower in direct opposition of such men.'
Hope narrates 'pfft'
Hope narrates 'we arent all reds'
Lykir narrates 'So the White tower who opposes Male channeler teams with people who follow him?'
Berlyn narrates 'So you have a soft heart for a man that can go insane and destroy our families?'
Lykir narrates 'so the yellow is ok with male channelers?'
Hope narrates 'a yellow who doesnt hunt male channelers? i heal all indiscriminantly'
Hope narrates 'how horrid...'
Berlyn narrates 'A male channeler approaches you after being attacked by your Gaidin, would you heal him?'
Berlyn narrates 'If he pleaded with his life?'

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