A mistaken identity or a broken oath

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A mistaken identity or a broken oath

Postby daal » Tue Jan 09, 2018 12:03 am

The sun was quickly falling behind the western wall of the Fortress of Light as Daal took a firestick to light the brass lantern on his desk. He could barely see the mahogany wood of his desk beneath the mound of letters he had been ignoring for the last several days. Letters from young Light-fearing men and women desiring to join the ranks of the Children of Light. Intelligence reports from Children stationed in far off lands. Debriefings reports from patrols dispatched closer to home. He loathed reading all those things. All he really wanted to do at this moment was to lay on his bed, and sleep beneath its pile of exotic furs.

He couldn't though, duty to be done, sloth was, after all, a mortal sin against the Light. He mustered his energy and picked up the first document from the pile.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Written in Code ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Fitvmg mvdh uiln Zmwli. Vbvdrgmvhh ivkligh rmwrxzgv gszg Xsrow Zmli zmw Wzoo szev zggzxpvw zmw hozrm gdl drgxsvh rm gsv hgivvgh lu Yzviolm. Ztvmg Azrfh ivkligh gszg gsv Dsrgv Gldvi drgxs Qlxvobm, rm svi wbrmt yivzgsh, tzhkvw gszg gslhv gdl nvm dviv svi zhhzrozmgh.


Daal hated encoded messages. It meant that it took that much more effort to glean the single relevant nugget of information from it. He painstakingly opened his desk drawer and retrieved his cipher to begin the arduous task of decoding the message.

It read as follows:

Urgent news from Andor. Eyewitness reports indicate that Child Anor and Dall have attacked and slain two witches in the streets of
Baerlon. Agent Zaius reports that the White Tower witch Jocelyn, in her dying breaths, gasped that those two men were her

Daal, with the faintest smile on his face from this news, was puzzled as to the identity of this this Dall fellow though, he'd never heard of him before. Perhaps a new recruit? Maybe the Sun Captain Dal had turned towards the true and just cause of the Light and assisted Anor, either way, this news brought both great joy and sadness to Daal's heart. He was incredibly pleased that his agents reported another witch had been placed before the Creator for final judgment of her sins, but he also knew that this incident could very well be the breaking point for a fifth war of Andoran aggression between the Lion Warden and the Children of Light.

Daal pushed that thought aside for a moment and turned towards the next letter on on his desk. He picked it up and examined the envelope. It was addressed from Child Hasp, and postmarked from Caemlyn.


Lord Daal el'Drien,

As I was in Caemlyn on business the witch Mierin used her tainted power to blind me then what best I can tell in my situation threw something cold at me. I spoke with Adael about this and he said it was a mistake.

Adael stated that Child Anor and yourself are allowed to be hunted and will be warranted for assaulting a witch in Baerlon. I tried to inform him that those were just rumors as there were no witnesses then these allegations cannot be upheld. He informed me that the so called oaths are believed to be followed by these witches. He swore that Jocelyn Sedai told him that she was attacked by Child Anor and Child Daal, and that her word was the honest to Light truth, straight from the mouth of the Creator.

Even with the information reminding him of the witches Kedelacia, Cenae, and many others he continued to stand behind these false allegations.

It saddens me that as I was blinded by this witch and recovered that Adael and the other Lion Wardens cannot.

They have been, continue to be, and seemingly always will be blinded by the witches in Tar Valon.

Hasp Al'Dival
Always in the Light


Daal sighed. He knew what the next letter was, it had the lion of Andor pressed into the wax sealing the envelope. It was their arrest warrant for him, for a crime that couldn't be proven in any magistrate's court in any nation.

The oaths the Aes Sedai obviously mean nothing to the witches of the White Tower, their stories change as often as they change their petticoats. For a woman who allegedly tells no lies to first in her dying breaths claim it was Dall that had murdereed her and now upom being told that after being rewoven by the Dark lord point her finger at himself was proposterous. Further, for complacent men, even the typically just honorable Adael of the Lion Warden, to rely on the baseless accusations of such creatures of the Dark was downright disappointing to Daal. These witches tongues carelessly flit about, hissing any darkness that will further a witches own personal agenda.

With no survivors to the act, the witch Jocelyn's dying declaration was the only shred of evidence to the crime, and for her to say that it was him to have been involved, after she was rewoven with no recollection of the event was frankly, dishonest.

Daal reflected, and began to write to Magistrate in Four Kings. Certainly that man hadn't fallen to the corruption of these dark forces yet. He began his letter, asking for a trial on the merits of the evidence presented, and an impartial hearing by a man who hasn't had his will bent to that of the vipers in his company.

tl;dr quotes below

Jocelyn narrates 'A host of Children of Light and Hand of Lights in Baerlon'
Jocelyn narrates 'attacking me'
Rhys narrates 'what did you do to them?'
Jocelyn narrates 'I'm being attacked by the cloaks in andor'
Rhys narrates 'I've known many Children and Hands and they are mostly fine people'
Jocelyn narrates 'They're blocking the gate too'
Rhys narrates 'I'm sure there are good people on both sides of this conflict'
Jocelyn narrates 'This violates the peace of andor'
Jocelyn narrates 'Anor is among them as well as dall'
Rhys narrates 'That doesn't sound like something the Children I know would do'
Rhys narrates 'oh Anor is RE wanted'
Rhys narrates 'he may be a bad apple'
Rhys narrates 'I don't know'
Jocelyn narrates 'Rhys, you're full of crap.'
Rhys narrates 'is that what they call whiskey in Tar Valon?'
Rhys narrates 'if so, then yes'
Rhys narrates 'if anyone is beating up my friend Jocelyn, please stop it'

Adael says 'Before her death, Sedai Jocelyn named Child Daal and Hand Anor as her attackers'
Hasp says 'I merely ask that we be notified.'
Hasp says 'From my side merely rumors.'
Adael says 'I have not seen either of them on to notify them, as they are the only two parties
Hasp says 'But i Shall not argue, as I was not there.'
Adael nods in agreement.
Hasp says 'You do understand though that the Tower feel above the law? That they have attacked us.'
Adael says 'Child Daal and Hand Anor apparently felt the same way as well'
Hasp says 'If I am not mistaken Bartaen or Luxas sent a log of us being attacked by a Lancer also.
Withces have started fighting in Andor as well.'
Hasp says 'Most noteably Gretchen'
Adael thinks hard.
Hasp says 'My point being sir.'
Adael says 'I haven't yet heard of the Lancers venturing this far south'
Adael says 'But please inform me if they cause issues'
Hasp says 'Neveyan'
Hasp says 'My point being.'
Hasp says 'If the Tower are left unchecked and you single out the Children some may get angry.'
Hasp says 'I am a man of peace.'
Adael says 'As am I'
Hasp says 'I do not mean to see war with those for no reason.'
Hasp says 'May I ask the proof of Children killing witches in Baerlon?'
Hasp says 'We may want to dispute that.'
Adael says 'Before her death, Jocelyn Sedai sent notice of who her attackers were'
Adael says 'oocly: narrates have been accepted for IC proof forever afaik'
Hasp says 'So just her word?'
Hasp says 'but noone saw?'
Adael says 'Given the Sedai's binding to the Three Oaths'
Hasp says 'With all due respect sir.'
Hasp says 'Mierin Sedai attacked me breaking those oaths'
Adael says 'Oaths the Children may not believe'
Hasp says 'She was not in danger.'
Hasp says 'So maybe they do not follow those Oaths as closely as you believe?'
Adael says 'Many would construe the mere presence of a Child as a danger at times'
Adael says 'Not that that's acceptable, but it is what it is'
Adael says 'I would prefer to keep Andor out of all matters entirely'
Hasp says 'I know those such as the darkfriends Cenae and many others from the tower fell away form
those so called oaths.'
Adael says 'Unfortunately, both parties spend time here'
Hasp says 'So a proposition sir.'
Adael nods at Hasp.
Hasp says 'There were no eyewitnesses. So I feel that allowing them to be hunted is a bit extreme.'
Hasp says 'There must be another way.'
Adael says 'Lord Gawaer and I have discussed it, and found it not to be unreasonable'
Hasp says 'So, how about this atleast.'
Hasp says 'No hunting in Caemlyn.'
Hasp says 'yes?'
Adael thinks hard.
Adael says 'Andor's Laws currently state that all clans have the right to _ask_ to hunt their
unclanned criminals in Andor'
Adael says 'And that there is _NO_ hunting whatsoever of clanned criminals not warranted also by
Adael says 'All permission must be gotten from the Warden on duty'
Hasp says 'Sir, then I expect that Children to be warranted for fighting back?'
Adael says 'Since Child Daal and Hand Anor will be warranted for the incident with Jocelyn, they are
the only two allowed to be hunted as well'
Adael says 'You, and others, are not'
Adael says 'At all'
Hasp says 'Warrnated?'
Adael says 'Without question'
Hasp says 'For word of mouth?'
Hasp says 'This is only going to cause more rifts.'
Hasp says 'But if you choose it, then that is yours to live by.'
Adael says 'If it should cause rifts from more than the two affected, that's the greater cause of
Adael says 'Rumor has it there were three more involved'
Adael says 'But only two were named'
Adael shrugs helplessly.
Hasp says 'Fair enough.'
Hasp says 'Andor will fill their rivers with the blood of the witches at this rate.'
Hasp says 'Think about your people that use that water.'
Hasp says 'There is nothing more to discuss.'
Adael says 'So long as the Tower, and the Children, respect the laws moving forward'
Hasp says 'Good day.'
Adael says 'I hope to see no omre issues'
Hasp says 'I said good day!'

You tell Adael 'do your thing, who's your clan ombudsman before i appeal to the immortals?'
Adael tells you 'an inactive pontara. i'd go straight to an appeal if you want i reckon'
You reply to Adael 'roger that'
You tell Adael 'thanks friend!'
Adael tells you 'oocly: its a thing i have to do. there's enough ic evidence for a warden to issue a warrant :P'
Adael tells you 'or rather, an ic warden believes sedai cant lie and all that jazz'
You reply to Adael 'i dispute that, a woman who tells no lies said a man named dall attacked her, i'm not dall, there is a dal, but he's in the rising sun.'
Adael tells you 'hahahahaha'
Adael tells you 'hrm'
Adael tells you 'your appeal may win for that alone :P'
You reply to Adael 'have a great day pal!

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