Wisdom Thena in the market for an apprentice

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Wisdom Thena in the market for an apprentice

Postby Thena » Fri Jan 12, 2018 8:22 am

A cloaked figure slips off a rooftop a dozen paces from you and and glides through the night air, only to lean up against the wall next to you huffing and puffing.

"Damn Neela and her Light-begotten super-secret-stealth muffin-stash," she mutters, seemingly to herself. "If only Juves was still around then maybe all the snack treats in Whitebridge wouldn't be so delicious and I wouldn't end up feeling like Laef the time I tied a honeycake to her mule and slapped its butt. Light, and I still need to see the Sharif woman tonight too!"

The figure drops the hood of its cloak revealing itself to be, in fact, a herself but disclosing few details further as her face is veiled in the Tarabon style. She begins to pace back and forth, still muttering and puffing ...

"Plus I broke my best pick tonight and I don't have to time to hunt up a smith with the hand or eye good enough for making those since old Thulin died. Then there's the mouldy bandages Neela left under my pillow. Where is a Wisdom to find the time?!? Ugh ... I think it's time I find a new patsy."

The woman spins and points straight at you, her eyes narrowing to slits and her voice husky with command.

"You there, kitchen waif or herald or chamber maid or messenger, whatever you are. Yes, you with the big ears and a nose so long it can't stay out of law-abiding Wisdom's business. I need you to run to the square and put up a notice for me. It should read ... in gorgeous handwriting mind you ... oh and stick something fragrant on it too ... it should read:"


The resplendent, halcyon and distinguished Wisdom, Lady Thena Mi'Nerva, is seeking a woman, sharp of wit, lithe of limb and possessing supreme manual dexterity to assist her with her momentous undertakings. To wit: someone wishing to learn all that she can teach regarding the myriad skills, knowledge and legerdemain that she has accumulated as her time serving others in her capacity as a Wisdom.

Those seeking to apply for the privilege of her tutelage should be hard-working, able to work independently, possess initiative, a thick skin as well as an elastic sense of morality. An excellent sense of humour as well as an intuition of when said sense is required for the sake of professional survival is also required and non-negotiable. Previous experience in the domains of healing, therapeutic and remedial work, guile, pretense as well as the management of people, animals and all things in between are not required.

The responsibilities of a successful applicant will include, but are not limited to:
  • Learning to heal, cure, care for and otherwise eliminate a wide range of maladies, illnesses, injuries and malaise in her duties as a Wisdom.
  • Learning the responsibilities and duties required of her to care for and lead a community as a Wisdom.
  • Learning the gravitas and dignity befitting the title of Wisdom as well as how to tease, taunt, mock and otherwise joke around with her fellow Wisdoms.
  • Assist Thena in her daily tasks and routines and ensure that the lazy, incompetent known as Neela does not mess up any of her schemes and shenanigans.
  • Take the fall for Thena should any of said schemes and shenanigans backfire and land her in the hot stuff.

Anyone interested in applying for the position of apprentice to Wisdom Thena should contact her in a manner most convenient and supply her with motivation for her interest in and suitability for the position.

May the Light bless your applications and keep you one step ahead of those chasing you!

Thena Mi'Nerva, Stickyfingers and Busybody Extraordinaire


The Wisdom's voice softens from the grand and oratorical boom it assumed during her diction, her bearing shifts from the grandiose to the unassuming and her eyes twinkle at you in amusement.

"Did you get all of that? Can you remember? Or are those donkey ears of yours too full of wax for even my sparkling wit to penetrate?" she asks. "Oh well, if you get it wrong just remember one thing: I know where you live!"

The last is flung over her shoulder as she vanishes around the corner and out of sight. The clinking of the bulging purse at her belt and the floral scent tickling your nose the only evidence that she was ever there.


tl;dr (you better have read ...)

I'm willing to take on an apprentice. Prior experience RPing or knowledge of the Wisdoms is not necessary. However you should be willing to commit to your apprenticeship, both in time and effort, as well as be someone who works well with other people and by yourself. You don't need to be good, bad or even ugly when it comes to RP or writing. All that matters is that you genuinely enjoy it and are willing to practice, learn and have fun.

If you're looking for tips for your letter and subsequent interviews (yes ... interviews will be part of the process), consult this thread for help: http://www.wotmod.org/viewtopic.php?f=79&t=5296

Have fun! Mwah!

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