The Death of the False Dragon Bardomir

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The Death of the False Dragon Bardomir

Postby Anor » Thu Feb 08, 2018 10:29 pm

A poster is nailed to a lamppost.

Victory for the Light!
The False Dragon Bardomir Lazar has been executed for his crimes against the Light! A covert mission in which a dedicated follower of the Light infiltrated the ranks of the Dragonsworn was a resounding success. With access to the accursed manor secured, a party of Children and Hand of Light attacked and killed every madman follower present.

The world is safer once again thanks for the forces of the Light.

The Light acknowledges the following:
Child Anor
Child Hasp
Child Reven
Child Daal
Hand Viellain
Child Merrick
Child Faradraeth
Child Harek
Child Gralin

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