Discovery of the Mad Man Baihlmon

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Discovery of the Mad Man Baihlmon

Postby hasp » Wed Mar 14, 2018 9:29 pm

Followers of the Light,

As a member of the Children of Light, it is my sworn duty to uphold the Light and bring darkfriends to justice. As I was patrolling the world I stopped to speak with a Lieutenant to see if any word of these darkfriends had passed through. He informed me that a strange looking duo had been nearby recently. I took charge and set forth tracking for any indication of this. Near Remen, I found tracks of a couple horses; it seemed his information was accurate. Finally, after a couple hours of tracking them slowly, I found them.

The man Baihlmon cast his tainted power upon me, chilling me to the bone and throwing shards of ice at me. With the blessing of the Light, I survived to tell this story. Now it is my duty to inform you all that this man can and will use his tainted power upon you.

As always the Children of Light are here to help curb this threat. If you have any other information on this man or anyone he has come in contact with please inform a member of the Children or Hand of Light.

Signed with the seal of a Golden Sunburst
Hasp Al'Dival
Servant of the Light

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