A question of charachter

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A question of charachter

Postby briana » Thu Mar 15, 2018 11:26 am

The sound of trickling water and a snoring partner were all the noise that came echoing through the underground cavern. An unfamiliar crunch of boots crushing dried twigs however, well that was something out of place. Briana extinguished her lantern and slid across the cavern floor, shaking her clan mate awake with a hand over her mouth to muffle the noise of the surprise.

"we have company" she whispered into Zoot's ear. The crunching could be heard periodically over the course of a few minutes, as the girls sat quietly huddled next to the cavern door listening to the noise encroach on their position. Whispering in the dark behind the rockwall door they decided to confront the attacker. On the other side of the door, low and behold Kryzen the Child of the Light was lurking, obviously a long way from home and on a mission. The girls foiled the attacker by blinding the man, sending him scattering through the cavern. Zoot rushed for the door as Briana began to stalk the would-be hunter, removing her light from time to time when moving to her advantage. An old trick she read from books found in Lugard, from the golden age of the bandit some years back. Briana appeared several times and managed to strike her foe considerably, attacking with the force of ice and other elements that eventually sent the Child packing.

When the girls regrouped and arrived in the city there were papers scattered on the ground. A warning stating that Briana the darkfriend was nearby, and information would be rewarded. The girls put the papers in the trash along with the help of some street cleaners and a friendly illuminator before heading to the inn to tidy up after their brief encounter with the other kind.

**The Children of the Light are growing in number and boldness. The attacks grow more frequent every day. Some girls, are harder to pin down than others. In this case, Briana has been summoned to a trial for accusations of being a darkfriend. Briana will attend this trial and refute any and all claims as such, for the work of these men can not be trusted and many many times, Briana has aided the light and will continue to do so until the last breath is given and the blight is extinct. Briana has faught fades, chosen generals, and the dark one's hordes at every corner of the realm and chopped the head off of Ilsae and Blarg. The death of the Ko'bal master himself has even see the wrath of the angry woman. The Children of the Light have spawned Dreadlords and have been the responsible for many women's deaths in the recent months. The Dragonsworn are a pillar of light, and they will uphold the integrity of the light, by protecting it, at all cost. There will be much explaining to do when the time comes, and the Children will have to account for their lies. I do hope they have practiced them well but know, the light will shine through them in the end. Briana is no friend of the dark, and her actions speak louder than words. Please let me know if you will be in attendance of said trial as a witness to Briana aiding the Light.

See you in court Children.**

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