A Trial in the Fortress

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A Trial in the Fortress

Postby briana » Wed Mar 21, 2018 11:42 am

Several women huddled outside the mansion in Jehennah, whispering amongst themselves. Some in fear, others showing looks of concern.

A female prophet whispered, ' So all they did was point a finger at her, call her a darkfriend, and now one of their clan masters is single handedly marching her into the Fortress of the Light for questioning?'

A female prophet in robes gawked, her face in disbelief.

A female prophet in robes whispered, ' You can't be serious, they're taking her to the Fortress of Light to be questioned by that lot of murdering, lying, headhunters?'

A female prophet whispered, 'I overheard them talking in the manor just now, Zygoat the clan master is in charge of the appointment.'

A female prophet in robes gulped heavily.

A female prophet whispered, 'Who is he to march a young girl, a known channeler, into the midst of the fortress itself in hopes of finding the truth?! You know there is no truth there, only torture and beheadings, it's the bloody fortress of light?!'

A female prophet in robes frowned dismally before saying, 'I don't know what's become of this place, first Bardomir and now one of the masters.. they're working hand in hand with the Children, the very hands that killed Bardomir under which Zygoat recieved all of this "authority" he's touting in the first place.'

A female prophet whispered, 'If he can do whatever he wants, without rules, regulations, or protocol, and give ultimatums to female channelers accused of being a darkfriend, working hand in hand with the Children and the Hand of the light, then who is governing him? How does he have the authority to just strip a prophet of their duties and rank and then single handedly threaten to ruin everything about them?!'

A female prophet in robes whispered, 'This is not right, something evil is happening here and I don't think the girl is being given a fair trial. Everyone knows that that lot of children and hand look at every channeler as a "darkfriend" these days, where's the justice in that? It's completely biased.'

A female prophet in robes whispered, 'What will become of us? We also channel, and have been seen.. When will Zygoat turn on all of us and march us all into the Fortress of Light..'

A female prophet whispered, '.. I .. I don't know.. we should leave. We should go before they do the same to us..The Children will not stop pointing fingers and accusing us any time soon, it's only a matter of time before it's us being marched off to our own doom.'

A female prophet in robes whispered, 'There's only one man in charge of this entire thing... somethings just not right.. '

A female prophet in robes whispered, ' grab the geldings... we leave tonight, we can not simply wait here to be corralled and marched off into some camp in the same manner. Surely there is someone who can help us, they can't treat us like this..'

Briana has been given an ultimatum by Zygoat, a rank 7 clan master. Despite not being able to show evidence of written rules, laws, regulations, and admitting these were lost when Bardomir passed away after being ruthlessly murdered by the Children and Hand of the light, Zygoat has chosen to submit Briana to a trial in the Fortress of Light in Amador or be removed from the ranks of the Dragonsworn and labeled as a darkfriend internationally.

Briana was told these were her two choices:

Attend the fortress of light where Briana would be questioned by a group who is responsible for harboring an actual known darkfriend, who is now a Fade, and allow this same group to use their "good judgement" to decide whether or not a known female channeler and enemy of the Children of the Light and Hand of the Light is "guilty" or a "darkfriend."


Be removed from the ranks of the Dragonsworn and labeled as a darkfriend immediately throughout the lands..

Briana is still awaiting the input of how fair this is or how much sense it makes but at this time, these are the current stipulations unless altered by a higher power, nation, or individual with more authority. Briana is requesting diplomatic assets and council at this time in preparation for the trial, specifically the White Tower, as a former member and long time contributor to the health and well being of other girls being persecuted and hunted under similar circumstances.

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