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Re: Children of the Light in Andor

Postby daal » Fri Mar 23, 2018 9:07 pm

Queen Morgase Trakand,

The Children of Light have received your edict and by your cowardly actions you once again steer Andor away from the path of the Light.

The Children of Light have been given nothing but animosity by your Lion Warden. They have, in recent memory, shown they are not impartial arbiters of facts and have issued several baseless warrants on respected Children of Light.

On the other hand, countless times in recent months have the men and women of the Children of Light been assaulted, without cause or reason, by those of the White Tower, in violation of the very oaths by which they are allegedly bound. Among other incidents, there have been unprovoked attacks on at least three Children of Light in the Caemlyn Square. A Child of Light was even murdered in cold blood in the streets of Caemlyn by a treacherous lapdog for all to see. Did your Lion Warden raise a finger against the aggressors, the White Tower, in those situations? Certainly not, for they do not bear seal of the Light nor the conviction to seek out darkness and eliminate it. That same darkness is grasping at your kingdom now, and rather than act as a just and righteous leader, ensuring that justice be served, you instead turn your back to the Light and declare war on the Children of Light lacking casus belli.

We will not and cannot abide by your banishment. We have a higher calling that was bestowed upon each and every one of us by the Creator to bring the Light to all lands. You have turned your back to us, and by doing so, turned your back from the Creator and into the cold embrace of the Shadow. The Children are merciful though, and we will save your soul and your country from the Shadow's embrace.

In closing, I leave you the words from a man much wiser than myself: "The Children have authority wherever the Light is, witch, and where the Light is not, we bring it."

In the Light,
Daal el'Drien

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