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She awoke to the darkness. Her head pounded and she was lost, forgot herself in time. Was she younger? Did she just wake up from a night in the Two Rivers.. Tahla? Did she go out drinking with the eagles.. Tahla and Terinor.. She yelled out for them, before realizing there was no one in the dark. This was not a dream, or if it was it was awfully cold and cruel. Her mind was cloudy and she sat up on the ice cold floors made of stone with a grimy film on the surface. She lifted herself up and stared around into the darkness but alas, there was nothing to make out in the pitch black dark, just thick heavy black everywhere she looked, and the sound of water dripping. She backed herself up until she met the wall and curled into a ball, covering her face from the dark and sobbing quietly, adulterating the only noise left in the small stone cell - the drip of water that ran down the walls.

Suddenly the door opened with a loud clang, sending her scattering across the cobbled stone floor and into the other corner of the cell. A candle-lit face appeared, a large man - the jailer stopping in to check on her, before grunting and slamming the door shut, and then the sound of a dozen locks clicking and shifting into place and the jangling of keys. She wished this was a bad dream. Darkness shrouded the cell, and she could see nothing yet again.

She curled back into a ball and cried herself to sleep.. all there was, was time, or what was left of it. She did not know what would become her. Only time would tell.

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