A light in the darkness

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A light in the darkness

Postby Anor » Wed Apr 04, 2018 12:24 pm

Clang… Clang… Clang… The sound of metal ringing against metal echoes throughout the tunnels deep underneath The Fortress of Light. Clang... An elderly man wearing nothing but a tattered piece of cloth scrambles back away from the door of his cell. The gaunt face looks to the bars in his door as he catches sight of the source of the noise. One of the Children of the Light walks slowly down the tunnel striking his dagger on the bars as he goes. The old man knows this Child well. As do most in the dungeons. The Child turns his head towards the cowering man and smiles slightly. A truly chilling smile. It is almost like this Child enjoys the screams of torture and pain echoing throughout the tunnels. The old man whose name has long been lost in time tries to curl himself in to a small ball in the corner of his cell.

The Child keeps walking. The man breathes a sigh of relief. It was not his turn today. Although part of him wishes it was. Wishes it would all be over and done with. An end to the pain. Eternal silence…. Clang…

The Child stops a few more cells down. Peering into the darkness he sees the girl. The torches on the wall offer barely a hint of light yet it seems like she is staring straight back at him. Unhindered by the darkness. He turns to the guard outside the door, “I trust she has had her fill of the forkroot tea?”

“Yes Hand.. I mean Child Anor. My Lord,” the guard replies.

“Did she resist?”

“Of course she did sir. But with a few men to hold her down we eventually made her drink.”

Child Anor smiles at the thought of the struggle. He hits his dagger against the cell bars three times in quick succession. Clang clang clang. With a surprisingly bright and friendly tone he speaks into the darkness of the cell, “Not long now girl and this will all be over.” He turns the dagger over in his hands slowly, running a finger along the blade. “If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear. We are just here to help clear your name. Remember we are the good guys in all of this.”

He turns away from the cell and continues down the tunnel. Clang… Clang...

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