Escape, Hunters, and the Hunted

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Escape, Hunters, and the Hunted

Postby briana » Fri Apr 06, 2018 9:17 am

The Children have failed. I am alive, somehow. I am badly burned but, I believe I will recover in time. When I return, I will turn my business towards hunting the very people that attempted to burn me alive for things I have not done. I am no darkfriend but, I have seen evil. I have seen those who started all of this, and those who helped them. This plot to put me on a pyre and burn me alive, their idea of a "fair trial." There was nothing "fair" and there was never a "trial". I woke up in a cell, against my will. I had no control over my body at this time, simply thrown from cell into a closed and locked room filled with children of the light and hand of the light inquisitors. Tortured, and then marched onto a pyre after following directions for lack of ability to do otherwise. Nothing I said was taken into account nor was it allowed as a form of rebuttal. Nothing. They are the judge and the jury and you must be warned if you channel or disagree with these men from Amador, that this could happen to you as it did to me. Never in 1000 moons would one of these cowards be able to push me onto a burning pyre without the help of a nation. The minds of the children have been compromised, and the Dragonsworn cult have become puppets in the scheme.

The Dragonsworn and the Children of the Light worked in conjunction to plot and frame me. The people responsible for organizing this are those that helped manage the assassination against Bardomir the former Dragonsworn clan master. I was once a proud believer in Bardomir and even Masema the newcome, and a good example of what it was to be a prophet, extinguishing the dark and protecting others. Now, I must protect everyone from the Children and the Dragonsworn, for what is happening within these ranks is only a glimpse at the beginning of what could be our end. They will pay, and there will be interest added to the debt.

I would like to use this platform at this time to encourage all nations to ban and take up arms against those that persecute female channelers. There is no code of conduct nor is there empathy for those who are killed in the broad day light. The lies grow in number and gain speed when spoken by multiple mouths and eventually through the hysteria we have found ourself in this predicament. Andor has answered the call, and I encourage the White Tower to take a more aggressive stance towards the Children of the Light and The Dragonsworn until another form of government and rules can be installed in both the country of Amador and the cult that is headed by Masema. Both are dangerous, and both will require the united efforts of multiple countries to quell this uprising. They have really lost their minds this time and unfortunately, in all the good of me that was a prophet, I am a prophet no more - and they must pay for what they did to me and what they will try and do to others.

My closing words are this: Do not trust these people. In my position I was lied to and turned over like a stray dog. They will do ANYTHING to get what they want. Please be warned and act accordingly. If you fall under attack from anyone in aforementioned groups, and you call for help, I will show and provide aid.

I have escaped, and now the hunters.. have become the hunted.

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