Regarding Recent Events

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Regarding Recent Events

Postby zygoat » Fri Apr 06, 2018 5:20 pm

People of the Light,

Let it be known that the Dragonsworn have found Briana guilty of being corrupted by the Shadow. We have cast her from our ranks, and separated any ties we had with her. Her actions and attitude toward the situation was appalling to say the least, and an embarrassment to the Dragonsworn, and to the Light. We would encourage all nations to keep a close eye on her, and be very wary of her presence.

Let not the words of a Darkfriend sway you, the Dragonsworn have no ties to any nation or faction. We have but one mission, and that is to prepare for the rebirth of the Dragon, and has nothing to do with persecuting women who can channel, considering Ladies Paigey and Terha, among others, have thrived quite well within our ranks. As Tarmon Gaidon is upon us, and the Shadow grows more restless by the hour, we strive for cordial relations with the White Tower (as well as all nations under the Light) and feel that in the end, our missions are very similar.

We fear the Darkfriend, Briana, though cleansed, shall continue her path towards the Dark in creating chaos and and dissension among of us, dividing us. Now is the time, more than ever to band together and be unified in the fight against the Shadow, and repel the darkness from our homes and our lands for good.

Until the Rebirth of the Dragon, the Dragonsworn shall be present and persistent thorns in the side of the Dark One, and ask your aid in that ongoing battle.

-Lord Zygoat d'Anconia
Dragon Leiutenant

-Lord Dartes d'Anconia
Dragon Lieutenant

-Lord Enoch d'Anconia
Dragon Lieutenant

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